Brutal Obscenity (Hol) We Don’t Have An Image!; demo (1988)


Brutal Obscenity - coverBrutal Obscenity - line-up

Side ASide B

Singer ‘Klef’ Kees Klomp (he did background-vocals on – Dutch SxE band – ‘Betray’s 7″) sent me this tape and a letter (in English!) to try and get some attention for his band. Quite some people playing crossover/thrash/metal were trying to make a connection with the HardCore/punk-scene at that time… These guys were from Bloemendaal (Haarlem area); the other musicians playing on this one were Ernst ‘Renske’ van Baak (bass), Emiel Hannink (drums), Ben Humpig (guitar) and Louis Melger (guitar). Here’s my review – from Tilt! #5: >>Very technical thrashmetal with fast and mosh-parts. Political lyrics – no metal-attitude (?!) Songs are a bit long…<< The tracks (God Is Just A Fairy-Tale / Defensor Minor / No More Feelings Left / Hangover D.D.D. / The Overtaking) were added as bonus-tracks on the CD-version of their first LP (It’s Because Of The Birds And The Flowers).

Brutal Obscenity - lyricsBrutal Obscenity - lyrics'

From their ‘press-package’:

Brutal Obscenity introBrutal Obscenity lyrics extra

Brutal Obscenity pic

Brutal Obscenity sticker

Brutal Obscenity info


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