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No Oppression (Por) If This Is Civilization…; tape (1994)


No Oppression coverSide ASide B


I.R.A. (It’s Raining Again) / Don’t Lie / H.E.M.P. (Help End Marihuana Prohibition) / Shithead / System System / Boring /// One Day (It Can Happen To You) / Fear / So Obvious

‘No Oppression’ was a political hardcore band from Cascais, Portugal. After this tape (which I probably got from one of my Portugese correspondents – Miguel Crespo?), they also had a 7″ (entitled Change What Destroys You!) released: a collabortation of several labels (Creative Conscience from Cascais, Tom Lang’s Our Struggle from Salzburg, Victimas Del Progreso from Madrid). The band consisted of vocalists Barbara & Roland ‘Skater’, bassist Ricardo Valério (also in ‘Subcaos’ at some timepoint), drummer Wander Salomons and guitarist David. From my review in Tilt! #8: >>Fast anarcho-punkcore with dual female/male shouts. The somewhat monotonous snare/hi-hat drumming gets freshened up here and there with a touch of reggae […]. Political (sometimes a bit sloganesque) lyrics.<<


No Oppression 0No Oppression 0xNo Oppression 0yNo Oppression 1No Oppression 1'No Oppression 2No Oppression 2'No Oppression 3No Oppression 3'No Oppression 4No Oppression 4'No Oppression 5No Oppression 5'No Oppression 6No Oppression 6'No Oppression 7


No Oppression transNo Oppression trans'

>>Donna Wetter<< (various) feminist compilation (1997)


Donna Wetter coverDonna Wetter tracksSide ASide B

We did this K7 to support a women-squat project [‘frauen-infoladen (women’s infoshop) ‘Degu Tante’] in Luzern [Switzerland]. It was a tough job to find only girls-bands. From a few we (Dani & me) didn’t really get any information, there was one who just send us 2 songs and the band-name for example. Our band ‘Re-Sisters‘ history started with this compilation. We just initiated it as a project for the compilation and were asked for a gig so we did 4 or 6 more songs…

Elianna Renner

All the bands don’t exist anymore and I have lost all contact with most of the girls. Elianna and me put it together, and Gavin [Maitland] ([guitarist] of the [Swiss] band ‘Sacchi Per Rifiuti’, who plays with ‘Rams’ now) ‘mastered’ it. We’re totally happy for you to use it. [The tape was distributed in the late 90s by Emancypunx from Warsaw, Poland.]


I started Emancypunx around ‘97/’98 The first release was a licensed re-release of the all-girl compilation-tape ‘Donna Wetter’, originally released by Rotzgör recs, a small tape-label of the band ‘Re-Sisters’ from Switzerland. I heard that tape for the first time on an anti-nuclear women’s camp in Germany and was totally amazed. It was exciting to see so many new European all-girl bands play really angry punk rock with a radical feminist message. It was finally a loud voice resisting the traditional role of the subordinated, sweet, nice female.

Jenni Ramme [in Sober Living For The Revolution]

Readers can support Emancypunx by ordering a hard copy of the tape – It’s still available!


[Thanks to Nina Nijsten for providing the tape and scanning of the booklet]
Degutante engDegutante xDonna Wetter backDonna Wetter intro engDonna Wetter outro eng
‘Aktifist’ (Morag Fraser, Aberdeen, Scotland) – ‘Ananda’s Decadenz’ (Zürich, Switzerland) – Dolores Gregoric (Tettnang, Germany) – ‘Egizan’ (Frankfurt, Germany) – ‘Frau Mahlzahn’ (Frankfurt, Germany) – ‘In Nomine Discordia’ (Hamburg, Germany & Luzern, Switzerland) – ‘Kaffeeklatsch’ (Beate Graf, Freiburg, Switzerland) – ‘Moneypulation’ (Hamburg, Germany) – ‘Punto G’ (Madrid, Spain) – ‘???’ – ‘Re-Sisters’ (Luzern, Switzerland) – ‘Verwirrtas’ (Winthertur, Switzerland)
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