>>Donna Wetter<< (various) feminist compilation (1997)


Donna Wetter coverDonna Wetter tracksSide ASide B

We did this K7 to support a women-squat project [‘frauen-infoladen (women’s infoshop) ‘Degu Tante’] in Luzern [Switzerland]. It was a tough job to find only girls-bands. From a few we (Dani & me) didn’t really get any information, there was one who just send us 2 songs and the band-name for example. Our band ‘Re-Sisters‘ history started with this compilation. We just initiated it as a project for the compilation and were asked for a gig so we did 4 or 6 more songs…

Elianna Renner

All the bands don’t exist anymore and I have lost all contact with most of the girls. Elianna and me put it together, and Gavin [Maitland] ([guitarist] of the [Swiss] band ‘Sacchi Per Rifiuti’, who plays with ‘Rams’ now) ‘mastered’ it. We’re totally happy for you to use it. [The tape was distributed in the late 90s by Emancypunx from Warsaw, Poland.]


I started Emancypunx around ‘97/’98 The first release was a licensed re-release of the all-girl compilation-tape ‘Donna Wetter’, originally released by Rotzgör recs, a small tape-label of the band ‘Re-Sisters’ from Switzerland. I heard that tape for the first time on an anti-nuclear women’s camp in Germany and was totally amazed. It was exciting to see so many new European all-girl bands play really angry punk rock with a radical feminist message. It was finally a loud voice resisting the traditional role of the subordinated, sweet, nice female.

Jenni Ramme [in Sober Living For The Revolution]

Readers can support Emancypunx by ordering a hard copy of the tape – It’s still available!


[Thanks to Nina Nijsten for providing the tape and scanning of the booklet]
Degutante engDegutante xDonna Wetter backDonna Wetter intro engDonna Wetter outro eng
‘Aktifist’ (Morag Fraser, Aberdeen, Scotland) – ‘Ananda’s Decadenz’ (Zürich, Switzerland) – Dolores Gregoric (Tettnang, Germany) – ‘Egizan’ (Frankfurt, Germany) – ‘Frau Mahlzahn’ (Frankfurt, Germany) – ‘In Nomine Discordia’ (Hamburg, Germany & Luzern, Switzerland) – ‘Kaffeeklatsch’ (Beate Graf, Freiburg, Switzerland) – ‘Moneypulation’ (Hamburg, Germany) – ‘Punto G’ (Madrid, Spain) – ‘???’ – ‘Re-Sisters’ (Luzern, Switzerland) – ‘Verwirrtas’ (Winthertur, Switzerland)
DW - AktifistDW - Ananda's DecadenzDW - DoloresDW - EgizanDW - Frau MahlzahnDW - In Nomine CoddiaDW - Kaffeeklatsch DW - MoneypulationDW - Punto GDW - qqqDW - Re-SistersDW - Verwirrtas
DW - Diskofever (eng)

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