Hell’s Kitchen (USA) If You Can’t Take The Heat; promo (1989)


Hell's Kicthen cover

Hell's Kicthen tracksSide ASide B

This promo-tape was provided by Torsten ‘Toddi’ Mergell (from Germany) who booked the first tour for ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. It has 5 tracks from the If You Can’t Take The Heat… LP (out on Boner recs from Berkeley). They played 2 times at one of our Smurfpunx gigs (90-03-03 & 90-09-14). The second tour was set up by the Hamburger label Weird System (who released their second album LP Fistful Of Chicken). Although H.K. is a neighborhood in New York City, the band was from the San Francisco Bay Area: Jimi ‘Haze’ Hayes (vocals; ex ‘Capitol Punishment’ – Sean Condon sang on the first LP), Troy Takaki (bass; ex ‘The Boneless Ones’), Mike Branum (drums; ex ‘Capitol Punishment’, ex ‘Fang’) & Luke Skeels (guitar; ex ‘The Boneless Ones’, later ‘Verbal Abuse’). Chris Kontos (‘Attitude Adjustment’) was their first drummer…  Their muisc? Solid HC with thrash-influences, in a “mock-speed-metal/punk style” as someone wrote… Lyrics were brutal but ironic; weird sense of humor.

Hell's Kicthen lyrics

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