Holefiller (Bel) demo (1997)


holefiller-covertracks: A1. Woe To The Inhabitants Of Park City – A2. Filth Of The Earth – A3. Deep World Of Darkness – A4. Piss River – A5. Colliding – A6. Numb – B1. Abiosis – B2. Abiosis pt II – B3. #93992

‘Holefiller’ was a misanthropic bunch (from the Ghent squat-scene) playing slow, dark, doom-metal mixed with industrial parts. Sometimes they performed as a combo producing industrial noise, then they’ld call themselves ‘Hellfiller’. The core of the band was Karel Busschop (bass), David Stubbe (drums; ex ‘Neuthrone’) & ‘Leffe’ (guitar; ex ‘Chronic Disease’, ‘Private Jesus Detector’, ‘Katastrophobia’, etc.). Their mate Billy did the electronics for ‘Hellfiller’. Michael Maes recorded this demo in his attic-studio in December ‘97. They played a couple of shows at the Vort’n Vis (Ypres, Belgium) around that time (97-02-28 & 97-12-26). Both David & Karel were in the sludge-bands ‘Thee Plague Of Gentlemen’ & ‘Möse’ later on.

‘Holefiller’ band-presentation (Tilt! #9)


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