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Carry Out (Spa) demo (1995)


carry-out-demo-cass-acarry-out-demo-cass-bSide ASide B


‘Carry Out’ (from Barcelona) was the band of fellow zine (Heartcore) -editor Albert Cheong (drums; nowadays working for the record-label B-Core). Early on he sent me a promo with 6 tracks that were re-recorded (together with a bunch of others) for their demo (15 songs; released in ’95). In Tilt! #8 I reviewed the promo: >>Basic but cool HC, by times quite inventive. Usual, observational lyrics.<< These recording were with Daniel ‘Dani’ Masip (bass; later in ‘Ö.B.N.I.’), Marcelo Canosa (guitar) & Josep ‘X’ Garganté (vocals; later ‘Manifesto’). This demo here was recorded with ‘Mossèn’ Robert Beltran (also ’24 Ideas’ & ‘Assac!’) singing… The band existed between 1993 & ’95. Their music was described as pure HC, influenced by American bands such as ‘Infest’, ‘Siege’; aswell as Europeans ‘Lärm’, ‘B.G.K.’, etc.). In 1996 Gonzalo Valle García (Tarragona tape-label HFN/IMA) released a tape with all the band’s songs (and some covers by ‘Hiatus’, ‘Negative Approach’, ‘Los Crudos’ & ‘Nations On Fire’)…



‘Carry Out’ live (Barcelona 94-06-15)

Destitution (Ger) Times Have Changed; tape (1988)



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Frank Babel from Ludwigshafen who released it on his tape-label Burntout Youth sent this to me. We would cooperate a bunch of times when he booked tours and I distributed some of his records (Blasting Youth recs in the 90s)… ‘Destitution’ (from Wörth am Rhein, Germany) consisted of ‘Gicht’ Thomas Reiss (vocals), Christian Gröger (guitar), Stefan ‘Fessi’ Fessler (drums) and Simon Cubasch (bass; later Thorsten). This was their second tape and they also did a split-LP with the French band ‘Infected Youth’ in 1989. I reviewed Times Have Changed briefly in Tilt! #5: >>Simple but decent HC. Enough variation and hooks to be interesting. Personal lyrics.<<