Carry Out (Spa) demo (1995)


carry-out-demo-cass-acarry-out-demo-cass-bSide ASide B


‘Carry Out’ (from Barcelona) was the band of fellow zine (Heartcore) -editor Albert Cheong (drums; nowadays working for the record-label B-Core). Early on he sent me a promo with 6 tracks that were re-recorded (together with a bunch of others) for their demo (15 songs; released in ’95). In Tilt! #8 I reviewed the promo: >>Basic but cool HC, by times quite inventive. Usual, observational lyrics.<< These recording were with Daniel ‘Dani’ Masip (bass; later in ‘Ö.B.N.I.’), Marcelo Canosa (guitar) & Josep ‘X’ Garganté (vocals; later ‘Manifesto’). This demo here was recorded with ‘Mossèn’ Robert Beltran (also ’24 Ideas’ & ‘Assac!’) singing… The band existed between 1993 & ’95. Their music was described as pure HC, influenced by American bands such as ‘Infest’, ‘Siege’; aswell as Europeans ‘Lärm’, ‘B.G.K.’, etc.). In 1996 Gonzalo Valle García (Tarragona tape-label HFN/IMA) released a tape with all the band’s songs (and some covers by ‘Hiatus’, ‘Negative Approach’, ‘Los Crudos’ & ‘Nations On Fire’)…



‘Carry Out’ live (Barcelona 94-06-15)

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  1. Wow! So honoured to be on this blog! Glad someone took notice of us :-). Yeah, I screamed my lungs out on this demo. I remember pretty well how we recorded it: with a salsa producer who wanted to try “rock bands”… I was in ’24 Ideas’ before joining ‘Carry Out’. First half of the 90s and mid-90s were crazy times for us. ’24 Ideas’ broke up in ’94. We re-activated the band in 2012, and we’re still alive and kickin’ ass, recording new stuff and playing. I’d be more than happy if you take a look our FB or website. THANKS FOR THE POST BROB. REALLY NICE!


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