Ahimsa (Pol) Słońce Świeci Dla Wszystkich; tape (1991)


ahimsa-coverahimsa-insertSide ASide B

If I remember well this tape – Słońce Świeci Dla Wszystkich (The Sun Shines For All) – was a donation of my comrade Rafał Kasprzak (guitarist of ‘Alians’). The members of ‘Ahimsa’ during the recordings of this, were bassist Miro(sław) Grewiński, drummer ‘Tomik’ Tomasz Grewiński, guitarist ‘Pazur’ Wojciech Pazurkiewicz and singer Inga. The band was from Poland’s capital Warsaw and they self-released their early material through their label Harmony recs. The female vocalist only appeared on this; after that they had a few different singers (Dariusz ‘Expert’ Ekiert of ‘Inkwizycja‘, Pawel Krawczyk, Andrzej Mazurowski).

My review from Tilt! #6: >>Excellent stuff from Eastern-Europe. Lots of melody served under a variety of sauces (funky, metal, …). Inventive breaks and interludia. Sensitive and moving female vocals. Lyrics (translated) – in the positive vein – prove they’re a bunch of aware people but sometimes it’s a bit too much, which makes it almost unrealistic. Nevertheless, a tape you should get.<<


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  1. Darek from ‘Inkwizycja’ was in fact never singing for ‘Ahimsa’ – he was more like a guest on one EP ;-). Not so important.
    Do you know that after 25 years break ‘Inkwizycja’ did a new LP, which is – maybe that’s surprising after such a period – excellent.


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