Bobwire (Hol) demo (1986)

My correspondent Ewout Brouwer (‘Mr Piggy’) send me this tape asking for help to find some gigs. He was the bassist of the band (from Lisse, between Amtserdam & The Hague); the others were ‘Muscle’ Erick (vocals), ‘Devil’ Erik Wassenaar (guitar) & ‘Monkey’ Pat(rick) (drums; later replaced by Peter Negeborn). The tracks were also on their debut self-titled LP (1988). After that the German label Old World recs release the LP Shouldn’t Exist (1989) and they finished with Negative Punks in 1991.
The review of their second album (in my zine Tilt! #6) goes as follows: >>Their first D.I.Y. album was already quite good. Stylistically they haven’t changed much (do they have to?): fast HCpunk that storm through your head…sometimes a bit generic (apart from some tempo-changes/breaks). But this band doesn’t have to prove their raison d’être. The lyrics are mostly clear and long explanations of their views on society and politics. Good stuff.<<

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