Shudder To Think (USA) promo (1988)




When Torsten ‘Toddi’ Mergell (from Lübeck, Germany) was planning a tour for this band (together with the British band ‘Sink’; in 1990) he provided this promo-tape asking to do a show for them with our Smurfpunx collective. That didn’t work out… He also did tours for bands such as ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, ‘Instigators’, ‘H.D.Q.’, Leatherface’ and many more, in the late 80s/ early 90s (also collaborating with Frank Babel of Blasting Youth). Nowadays he owns an “electronica/funk & goa-trance club” (S.U.I.T.E.) in Mannheim.

‘Shudder To Think’ was a melodic indie-rock band from Washington DC with Craig Wedren (vocals/guitar), Mike Russell (drums), Stuart Hill (bass) & Chris Matthews (guitar; Nathan Larson – ex ‘Swiz’ – on the ’92 European tour). These 2 tracks here (Let It Ring & Absymal Yellow Popcorn Wall) were from their first album (Curses, Spells, Voodoo, Mooses) that was released in 1988 on Sammich recs (who also put out stuff of ‘Soulside’ & ‘Swiz’). Later they did stuff for Dischord recs. Tobby Holzinger (Your Choice Live Series) released the set they played in Albig (Germany) on 92-05-07…


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