Brainstorm (Yug) Only The Dead See The End Of War; tape (1989)



Side ASide B


This was ‘Brainstorm’s first demo with a studio-side and a (live) garage-side… The tape was sent to me by the band’s guitarist/vocalist Gvido Obradović. I’ve no idea who did bass & drums… Gvido also did a tape-label called No Profit Tapes, ran the first distro in his country (Intermusic) & the label No Time To Be Wasted recs, and did a zine called Twenty 4 Hours.

People wrote about their music as grinding/thrashy HC, “reminding of ‘Doom’, ‘Deviated Instinct’, Heresy’, etc.”. In Tilt! #5 I wrote: >>Superfast and powerful HC with breaks and growling voices. Political lyrics.<< Some of the tracks also appeared on their 7″ The Nightmare Continues… (1990) and on the Milošević Is Dead LP.

The recordings were later re-issued on vinyl by the Italian label F.O.A.D. recs (ran by Marco Garripoli – who did a zine with the same name).


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