GOD (Hol) radio-session (1987)




1. See Smoke Smell Fire / 2. Settling Down / 3. Teste Marce / 4. Swine / 5. So Be It / 6. Lust

This 3-piece from Amsterdam had Thomas ‘Tos’ Nieuwenhuizen on guitar/vocals, Michael Cavanagh (ex ‘Agent Orange’) on bass/vocals & Daan van der Elsken doing drums/vocals. They did 2 albums for Konkurrel (Sweet Life, ’88 & The Shametree, ’89) and in 1991 the Headrush LP was released on Destiny. Their music was called “post-punk that gradually evolved into jazz-punk or art-metalcore”. I also read somewhere: “You can hear many things in ‘GOD’, as the name implies. A bit of Rollins, ‘Suckspeed’ and ‘Prong’ on Sweet Life, ‘Thin Lizzy’ or Jimi Hendrix on the others, and why not, a drop of ‘Victims Family’ everywhere.”…


Tos had played in ‘Jezus And The Gospelfuckers’ and ‘Funeral Oration’ and nowadays does guest appearances in ‘Sunn O)))’. He’s also know for being a wizard when it comes to fixing (old) amps and many touring bands rent equipment from him when they tour Europe. The music ‘GOD’ did was maybe the prelude to what people later called grunge. Their LPs didn’t even come close to their live performance: a massive powerhouse, even though it was just the 3 of them. Luckily they also did this (VPRO) radio-session, which I ripped…  In my opinion, the best recordings they ever did.

Tos joined the ‘Gospelfuckers’ on guitar in the later line-up and turned out to be one of the best Dutch guitar-players. ‘Funeral Oration’ did their best LP (Communion) when he joined. His manic guitarplaying is all over the place, hectic as shit but yet melodic. Simply unmatched.

Jos Houtveen

These VPRO recordings were on December 9th 1987. The radio-show was named Backline and presented by GJ Waldorff & Lotje IJzermans. The sound here’s a bit rough; my copy sounds a bit cleaner but I’ve no means to digitalise it. All songs are on the first album, except Swine (that was never released anywhere else).

Tos’ Nieuwenhuizen

‘GOD’ interview for TV Enemy Vol. I video-fanzine (1992)

photos (by ‘Joes’) from the Dutch zine Trashold #2 (1988):


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