E.D.S. (Spa) Dejemos Volar; tape (1989)



eds-aeds-bSide ASide B

‘E.D.S.’ (Ejercito De Salvación; “Salvation Army“) recorded the tracks for this tape (Dejemos Volar = “Let’s Fly”) in November ’89 in a studio in their hometown Zaragoza: ‘Panzas’ Rafael Ortín Melero (bass), ‘Caspas’ José Luis De Castro Vela (drums), ‘Bubu’ Francisco Javier Gil Morales (guitar; replaced founding-member Ricardo Reparaz) & ‘Jero’ Jerónimo Estanislao Muñoz (vocals). The first 3 also formed the core of ‘Drogas Guais’ (with vocalists ‘Santi’ Santiago Ric Bazán & ‘Alicates’ Wladimiro Gil Martinez), who did the last track on the tape. As far as I know this was the only release by ‘E.D.S.’; but ‘Drogas Guais’ did a 7″ in 1991…

My review in Tilt! #6: >>Strong straightforward HC. We’ve heard this style a lot before but it’s still good. Something to witness live I think…<<


‘E.D.S.’ started at the end of 1987 as a four-piece with ‘Salas’ (vocals), ‘Caspas’ (drums), ‘Panzas’ (bass) and ‘Lupas’ (guitar). Very much influenced by US hardcore, we played our first gig with ‘IV Reich’, a legendary punk band from Zaragoza. Later we became a quintet with ‘Bubu’ as lead-guitarist and ‘Jero’ as the new singer. We played more gigs with bands such as ‘Toxic Reasons’, ‘K.G.B.’, ‘Parasitos’ and ‘Radikal Hardcore’, and recorded this demo-tape. As a spin-off of ‘E.D.S.’, ‘Drogas Guays’ (“cool drugs”) emerged – a rapcore band with two vocalists in the line of ‘Beastie Boys’, with funny political lyrics. Almost all the people in ‘E.D.S.’ were very much into the hardcore/punk and political scene at that time; doing the fanzine Desconcierto, radio-programs, squatting, getting connected with the rest of the international scene, trading stuff, helping bands to play in the city or just offering our rehearsal-place as a place to sleep. ‘E.D.S.’ quit after 3 years. Some members formed ‘Trip Inside’, a band that was more influenced by the DC post-hardcore sound. They recorded an album for B-Core Discs. Later, ‘E.D.S.’ drummer played in ‘El  Corazón Del Sapo’, a quite popular political hardcore band.

Great times for the worlwide hardcore and punk scene. Mind you: the demo doesn’t represent the real sound of the band as, at that time, we/they had no previous experience with recording. For me it sounds weak.

Ricardo Reparaz




Some live pics courtesy of Ricardo Reparaz:


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