Bloody Müesli (Fra) Ras Le Bol; tape (1993)



bloody-muesli-tape-tracksSide ASide B

I got this from Joel Person, a correspondent of mine and fellow-zinester (Scène Plongeon). He was the singer of this band (from Nantes, France). Xavier Garot played guitar, ‘J.P.’ Jean-Pierre Person was the bassist & Yann the drummer. They had done a first demo (entitled Miam [“yummy”]) in 1992; this was their second and a third would follow in 1995 (Gavé [“stuffed”]). They also had a track on the compilation-CD Pogo Avec Les Loups (out on On A Faim!, 1992)…

Here’s what I wrote about this Ras Le Bol [“fed up”] tape in Tilt! #8: >>Fusioncore is what you could call this: a melting-pot of different styles (funk, ska, jazz, rock, punk, tribal, …). Pretty amazing what they put totgether but quite ‘danceable’. Insightful, ironical – French & English – lyrics (e.g. Small Tribe, about the ‘scene’), by seemingly intelligent – but also humorous (see the comic that comes with the tape) people.<<. If I remember well, some of Joel’s favourite bands were ‘Victims Family’ & ‘NoMeansNo’… In their own words their music is “miam-core à tendance sarcastique”.


This demo was recorded in March 1993 at the Onyx (at that time a big venue for contemporary dance and theatre productions) in a totally clandestine way. One of our mates, Ricou, worked there as technician. Some Sunday afternoon he did these recordings of us playing live in front of 800 empty chairs. The song Cankhü Wicasa (La Vision) was also on the compilation-CD of On A Faim!.

This was in fact our 3rd demo. There was also Enjoy The Taste… in 1992 (recorded in another empty venue, l’Olympic in Nanntes, by Tétèch, soundman for ‘The Thugs’). Miam! Was recorded in 1991 recorded by Ricou in his sound-engineering school of in Rennes. We also have 3 tracks on the Nantes CD-compilation Les Mammifères De L’Ouest in 1996.

The term ‘miam-core à tendance sarcastique’ was a stupid label but during that time we were rather critical towards the mentality of ‘scenesters’ and ‘musical cliques’. Let’s say we’ve gotten more mature in our reflections. For me personally, playing hardcore was a stylistic and humanitarian deadlock. I want to music for and with everybody: children, youngsters, elderly…

Nowadays my brother Jean-Pierre plays the bass in a funk-band and in a cover punk-band. Xavier plays Irish music. Myself, I never really stopped making music: after ‘Bloody Müesli’ I sang for ‘La Poque’ (acoustic rock, influenced by stuff like ‘De Kift’) and from 2005 on in an acoustic cover-band with bluegrass, hillbilly influences (‘Boo Grass & The Toothache’). I also have project going with 2 ‘Boo Grass’ mates where we do songs in French…

Joel Person




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  1. Excellent job you did once again!

    I’ld like to add that the incredible comic artwork was done by a guy named Steph Pich who later would join the band as a second guitarist.


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