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Seein’Red (Hol) Punk Is Verzet; live (Ieper, Bel, 95-04-28)



(side A) Punk Is… / P.C. Not / No Shelter / De Broekriem / Manipulation / Cross The Street / Legitimatie Plicht / Eye For An Eye / Happy Me / Shut The Fuck Up / W.A.S. Lied / Nothing More / Dat Wilde We Effe Kwijt       / C-in Red / D.I.Y.O.F.D.

(side B) Choices In Life / Red Bullet Fired / Change / Life Is Short / Nazi Tuig / Shitty Job / Dream / Hometown Blues / Imagine / Nothing Is Hard / Hate The Rich

(bonus – live @ Ratingen, Germany, 90-11-23) Principal / Direct Action / 2 D Boon

Sascha May (Evilspeak zine) recorded the set ‘Seein’Red’ played at the first day of the ‘Ceaseless Suffocation’ festival (95-04-28) at the Vort’n Vis autonomous centre in Ieper (Belgium) and put the tape out (together with his mate Gregor Kanitz) under the name Punk Is Verzet (Punk Is Resistance).

Paul, Olav & Jos were almost like ‘brothers’: since the days when they were still doing ‘Lärm’ I had a lively correspondence with Paul and I met them at various places when I (or others) invited them for gig. Off course everyone should know their vast discography but just to give an indication: they had just recorded for the Trefwoord Punk 7” (Dutch lyrics) and Wicked Witch recs (Edwin Feenstra) had put out the More Of The Same 7” (recorded late ’94)…

Inhuman Conditions (Ger) live (Aalst, Bel, 87-11-14)


inhuman-conditions-logo Listen!

(1) Positive Or Dumb? / (2) Same Assholes / (3) Be Counted / (4) Destroyed Earth / (5) Drugdeath / (6) Fascist Crap / (7) This Is Bochum – Not L.A. / (8) Last Steps / (9) Doppelkorn / (10) Inhuman Conditions / (11) Right To Booze / (12) Money Isn’t Everything


While setting up the ‘Ripcord’/‘Napalm Death’ tour (spring 1987), I got in touch with Bernd Backhaus (editor of Battlefield zine at that time). We corresponded and met at Smurfpunx gigs. He was also kind of the ‘manager’ of a metal/crossover band from the Rhurpott area (Bochum): ‘Inhuman Conditions’. I didn’t really know the band before but Bernd introduced me to them and sent me a tape asking to book a few shows for them. So I arranged that they could play this Smurfpunx show (87-11-14) and sorted them a gig for the next day with ‘Attitude’ in Scherpenheuvel (87-11-15).

At that time (I believe they’d just abandonned their old name ‘Evil Prophecy’), the band consisted of ‘Ridi’ (vocals), Arnie (bass), Piefke (drums), Thorsten Arndt (guitar) & Thomas ‘Tom’ Schremmer (guitar). Later Tobias ‘Tobi’ Falarz replaced ‘Ridi’.

Their first demo (Proceeding Decay) was recorded in May ‘87; their second (Positive Or Dumb?) was recorded 2 weeks after this Smurfpunx-gig. The live tracks from the above-mentioned show were pretty much the same as on the this second demo. In May ‘88 they recorded for their first 7” (Sanction S.A.)… Full discography & info


Review (of the studio-recordings of Positive Or Dumb?) in Tilt! #4: >>My favourite German metal-band. Positive attitudes and good lyrics. The music is a mixture of speed-metal and thrash (cross-over as you might call it). Two guitars, some breaks…all the ingredients for powerful music. Comes with an extensive booklet. Excellent sound-quality.<<

Some bits from their promo-booklet:


Vuur (Bel) demo (2000)

(1) Model – We Are Rich / (2) Get Away / (3) Untitled / (4) Tabula Rasa / (5) Weerstand / (6) Art XX / (7) Slow Start


‘Vuur’ [“fire”] was the band of some mates of the Newland Collective (a group of people who organised gigs in Herentals and did a collective zine). The guys of ‘Vuur’ were Bart Jansen (guitar; ex ‘Deconsume’, later ‘Nervous Mothers’ & nowadays 2nd guitarist of ‘Days Of Desolation’), Nico Peeters (bass; ex ‘Outrage’/’Reller’, later ‘KingTerror’, nowadays singer of ‘TravØlta’), Stef Goos (drums; ex ‘Hopeman Path’, later ‘KingTerror’), Yannick Daems (vocals; initially there was a second vocalist named Koen Luyckx (ex ‘Deconsume’), he returned in the band when Yannick had to quit singing in 2005). This rehearsal-tape was recorded on an old tape-deck. After that they did split-7″s with ‘Seein’Red’ (on Nico’s label DayOne recs, 2001), ‘AmenRa’ (FiveStar recs, 2004) & ‘Grinding Halt’ (GraanRepubliek, 2007)…