Vuur (Bel) demo (2000)

(1) Model – We Are Rich / (2) Get Away / (3) Untitled / (4) Tabula Rasa / (5) Weerstand / (6) Art XX / (7) Slow Start


‘Vuur’ [“fire”] was the band of some mates of the Newland Collective (a group of people who organised gigs in Herentals and did a collective zine). The guys of ‘Vuur’ were Bart Jansen (guitar; ex ‘Deconsume’, later ‘Nervous Mothers’ & nowadays 2nd guitarist of ‘Days Of Desolation’), Nico Peeters (bass; ex ‘Outrage’/’Reller’, later ‘KingTerror’, nowadays singer of ‘TravØlta’), Stef Goos (drums; ex ‘Hopeman Path’, later ‘KingTerror’), Yannick Daems (vocals; initially there was a second vocalist named Koen Luyckx (ex ‘Deconsume’), he returned in the band when Yannick had to quit singing in 2005). This rehearsal-tape was recorded on an old tape-deck. After that they did split-7″s with ‘Seein’Red’ (on Nico’s label DayOne recs, 2001), ‘AmenRa’ (FiveStar recs, 2004) & ‘Grinding Halt’ (GraanRepubliek, 2007)…




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