Angry Red Planet (USA) promo (1988)


This tape was provided by Reiner Mettner of the German label Double A recs, who was also a very active tour-promoter that our Smurfpunx-collective worked with quite a few times. The tracks here were for promotional use for bands that he did tours for in 1988 (also ‘Stengte Dører’, ‘Collaps’ and ‘Billy And The Willies’).

The American band ‘Angry Red Planet’ (from Detroit, Michigan) was and still is quite under-estimated so I’ld like to give some attention again. When they did this concert for us (88-12-04), they were already active for about 6 years. The first 5 tracks come from their first album (Little Pigs, Little Pigs; released in 1987), the last 4 from the second (Give ’em Enough Dope…; released in 1989). The band was Tim Pakledinaz (guitar/vocals), Bill Blank (drums/vocals; Vince Delisi early on, Eric ‘Ewolf’ Wheeler on the 88 tour) and Dave Pentescu (bass, Tim’s bro John early on). Their music was quirky, innovative, original hardcore-punk… Just listen!


Hog Day Afternoon / Right Stuff / What I Do / Fuckwad / My Oil-Soaked Existence / Vandalism USA / Hotwire / Age Of Reason / Snakekilling Time

There’s some footage of ‘ARP’ filmed in 1988 @ AJZ Bielefeld (Germany) & Goudvishal Arnhem (The Netherlands).

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