Honey Honey (Bel) demo (1995)


(A, demo): Hit & Run – Alone – Barstool – Water – Going Home – Happyland – Inside

(B, compilation-LP): Intro/Ode – (In Your Face) – Waltz – Paranoia – Nothing Changes – M.M.M.

‘Honey Honey’ (from Leopoldsburg/Hechtel) was a melodic HC band with an emo touch. In the beginning the members were Wendi Geuens (vocals), Gert ‘Gonzo’ Hermans (guitar), Edwin Gielen (drums) and Sven Cuypers (bass). I really liked the people and the music (see presentation in Tilt! #8), and even set up a gig in Gent (98-03-15) for them; plus I did an interview with the band but Tilt! #10 unfortunately never materialised…

In a later stage Edwin’s girlfriend Pat Broux joined as additional vocalist. ‘Reiziger’s Pascal Hens (Wendi’s boyfriend at that time) was a stand-in for Sven on their tours (France, Germany & the UK); later Bart Elen replaced Sven. Bart played on their 7” Eat Shit (released by Dennis ‘Tyfus’ & Phil Merckx in 99-05; recordings by Pat Delabie at Studio 195). After the turn of the century Gert & Sven were in ‘Playmobil Assassins’ together. Later Sven & Pascal were in ‘Bronze’. Nowadays Gert plays in the band ‘Smäris’…

Besides the 7” they also appeared on the Ambala Sweet Centre compilation-7” (with ‘Malva’, ‘Curll’, ‘Cradle’ and ‘Useful Idiot’) in the early line-up; and on Filth Ear’s compilation-LP Screams From Belgium (‘Honey Honey’ recordings at Gilles ‘Anomie’ Ape studio in Orléans in ‘97). Those songs are also made available here… The demo-tracks were from their first recordings in Maaseik in 1995 (the song on the Ambala 7″ is also from that session).

lyrics from the demo:

lyrics from the compilation-LP:


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