Upside (Ita) promo (1988)


tracks – also appeared on the band’s first album:

Upside / Spara (Shoot) / Noi Non Siamo Morti (We’re Not Dead)

‘Upside’ (not to be confused with ‘Upset Noise’!) played for Smurfpunx (88-08-13) and at the Vort’n Vis (91-08-18). They were a political band coming from the area around Modena and played a powerful mix of HC and metal: Mauro ‘Anguilla’ Tincani (vocals), Giovanni ‘Vanny’ Anceschi (guitar; he replaced Marco ’77’ Trascendi), Andrea ‘Tritone’ Tincani (bass) and Massimo ‘Fonty’ Fontana (drums; he was replaced by ‘Gamba’ in  the early 90s)… After a couple of tapes and the 7″ Nati Per Soffrire (Born To Suffer), in the 80s, TVOR On Vinyl released their fantastic LP Tristi Orizzonti (Sad Horizons) in 1990. In ’93 they did a CD entitled Labirinti Della Menzogna (Labyrinths Of Lies) with 2nd guitarist Gionata and there was also a live-tape of (one of) their last concert(s) at Tien’a’Ment (93-09-11).

These tracks were on a tape that the drummer of the German band ‘F.F.F.’ (Dominik) sent me (after having met at a show in Winterswijk, The Netherlands) to promote them (& ‘F.F.F.’) and try to find them a few gigs. I recall booking them for a Smurfpunx show (88-08-13; that summer they did this ‘Punkrock Tour 88 * Italohardcore meets electric violin thrash’ through Switzerland, Italy, Germany) and at Van Hall in Amsterdam (88-12-25).

Review of Tristi Orizzonti in Tilt! #7: >>Some years ago we had ‘Upset Noise’ pampering our senses; ‘Upside’ takes over where they left off: the same kind of metallic HC. ‘Upside’ uses a little less technical wizardry but they certainly know how to make things sound energetic and powerful. Lyrics about the revolt against the daily tampering of the system with our lives. There’s also a booklet with pieces in Italian about apartheid, american native tribes, etc. Great record.<<

Promotional info: >>’Upside’ formed in 1983 but because of some problems there was a 2-year break after the release of a tape with 10 tracks. In 1985 the self-managed 4-song EP Nati Per Soffrire came out. The band exists because of the desire to communicate something in a society that constantly tries to suppress the human and material needs of every individual. Apart from the band there’s also a collective to which they belong: Tribo Libere (Free Tribe). It deals with various contemporay, socio-cultural issues such as animal-experiments, anti-militarism, ecology, human rights, etc. After a 3-day occupation, Tribo Libere achieved to obtain an unused school-building in which the collective is now located. To return to the band: their first LP will be released on TVOR on vinyl.<<

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