F.F.F. (Ger) promo (1988)


tracks – also appeared on the band’s first demo:

Armes Schwein (Poor Pig) / Zuviel Ist Zuviel (Too Much Is Too Much) / Schwarze Hirne (Black Brains)

These tracks were on a tape that the band’s drummer Dominik sent me (after having met at a show in Winterswijk, The Netherlands) to promote them and try to find them a few gigs (together with their Italian friends ‘Upside’). I recall booking them  for a Smurfpunx show (88-08-13; that summer they did this ‘Punkrock Tour 88 * Italohardcore meets electric violin thrash’ through Switzerland, Italy, Germany) and at Van Hall in Amsterdam (88-12-25). Later I also interviewed them (‘F.F.F.’ in Tilt! #6). The name of the band is short for “Fanatike Feinde des Facismus” (Fanatic Enemies of Fascism) and proves their political stance…

According to Andi these 3 songs were probably recorded in 1987 or 1988. They were only used as a demo and re-recorded for the Electric Violin Thrash LP (1989). Their demos were actually recorded 87-11-29, their (self-titled; but sometimes referred to as Arbeit Macht Dumm) 7″ in May ’86 and the LP was their last release… (History, Discography, Lyrics & more)

The band (from Bonn) consisted of Vladimiro Olavarria (guitar), Dominik Schetting (drums; ex-guitarist ‘Canal Terror’, nowadays in ‘Molotow Soda’), Andreas ‘Andi’ Gohlke (bass; nowadays in ‘Dr. Ranzik’) & Dolly Enzenberger (vocals/electric violin). In 1996 ‘Vladi’ returned to Chile (where he was born). He got married and has a daughter but is not playing any music anymore. Dolly is living in Italy (in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere), together with her partner ‘Gamba’ (drummer of ‘Upside’) since 2009. They got married in 2013…

‘F.F.F.’ live 1988

Review of Electric Violin Thrash in Tilt! #6: >>Always busy but not often in the spotlight. After a few demos and a 7″, their first album (on their own label). If you were able to witness them live, you know their qualities. Strong and inventive HC. Their (female) singer has got an enormous vocal capacity and gives the music an original touch by adding some electric violin (which fits in brilliantly). The lyrics are sung in German and prove they’re a politically engaged bunch of people. Excellent!<<

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