Smegmatics (Fra) demo (1988)


Side ASide B

Early 1989 I arranged a short tour for 2 Parisian bands: ‘M.S.T.’ & ‘Smegmatics’. The first was the band of my zine (M-Extäz) -mate Jeannot and the latter were their friends. ‘Smegmatics’ consisted of singer Thierry ‘Bibiche’ Septier (later in ‘Ancalagon’; he was the brother of the singer & drummer of the ‘Trotskids’), guitarists Laurent Bizet (also ‘Treponema Pal’, later ‘Hoax’) & Giovanni, bassist Morgan and drummer Patrick ‘Pat Le Tag’. They played fast hardcore/thrash. Besides this tape they also had a track on the compilation-LP Hardcore Evolution (Jungle Hop International ’89).

‘Smegmatics’ @ Finkel, Jette (Bxl, Bel), 89-02-18 – photo by Serge H

And here’s them playing live in Nanterre (Fra) 88-04-09


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  1. Excellent, ça fait plaisir de revoir ces souvenirs de ma jeunesse. [Good to see some memories of my youth.] Merci Brob.


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