Cringer (USA) promo (1991)


tracks: Petrograd / Despair Ends / (If I Had A) Pen

I got to know Lance Hahn as a collaborator of Maximum Rock’n’Roll. I might’ve run into him when I visited the MRR-house (San Francisco) in 1989. In 1991, I was contacted by (German tour-pomoter) Torsten ‘Toddi’ Mergell again: he was organising a tour for Lance’s band ‘Cringer’ (together with the British ‘Citizen Fish’). I arranged contacts and my friends of Nabate did set up a show in Liège in a small but cozy (squatted? [read comment]) place called ‘Chez Lulu’. The gig was intimate but I will never forget it!

‘Cringer’s melodic HC/punk was right up my alley. The band was formed by Lance (guitar/vocals) and Gardner ‘Fusuhara’ Maxam (bass/vocals) when they were still living in Hawaii. In 1990 LookOut! recs released the Karin 7″ (recorded with drummer Derek Imose and extra guitarist Harry Sherrill) and Jack Kahn did a split-7″ (with ‘Hopeful Monsters’) on HippyCore recs. 1991 was the year of the Time For A Little Something 7″, the split-7″ with ‘Holy Rollers’ and the Live In Europe 7″ (some shows in England & Germany). Andy Turner (Full Circle) had also compiled a bunch of their songs on the LP I Take My Desires For Reality… On this European tour they had recruited Kamala Lyn Parks (co-founder of the famous punk venue 924 Gilman Street and of the band ‘Kamala And The Karnivores’) to play the drums. Afterwards Lance & Gardner formed ‘J Church’, and Kamala joined ‘The Gr’ups’.

Lance died in 2007 (Oct 21st; aged 40). he left us a book on the early anarcho punk scene in the UK (Let the Tribe Increase). He has released some solo home recordings under the name ‘Cilantro’, was Beck’s touring guitarist in 1994-5 and was in the final line-up of Bay Area pop-punk band ‘Monsula’ in the early 1990s. He has also run the label Honey Bear recs that released a lot of ‘J Church’s material…

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  1. I remember bits & pieces, it was before La Zone even existed, isn’t it? At the time housing costed nothing in Liège, and this huge house rented by a few friends was so big they could organise gigs there.
    I’m a bit embarrassed to see the drawing of the poster, I thought it would’ve looked like some LookOut recs, which was still a small label at the time. I’d traded a few letters with Lance and he’d sent a tape to be used with the Exclusion compilation [1989; came with a booklet with articles about feminism, woman liberation and against sexism] which would be the first release on Nabate recs. I’d traded a few letters and ordered records a few times from Dick Lucas of ‘Citizen Fish’ who was also on the compilation [actually it was ‘Culture Shock’].


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