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Ulrike’s Dream (Bel) Burn The European Swastika; tape (1998)



Dec 27, 1997 ‘Ulrike’s Dream’ did their first show in their hometown Leuven (@ ‘Clockwork’; supporting ‘Oi Polloi’). A few months later they played at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (98-04-18). The band started in February ’97 when ‘Het Preekgestoelte’ split up but bassist-changes held them from gigging a lot. I believe these were the people involved: Anton Meeus (drums), vocalists ‘Sapé’ Sebastiaan Putseys (Reflex & Wolfpack recs) & Jeroen Verbeeck – later replaced by Magalie & Saar, Hans (guitar), Daan (guitar; nowadays in ‘The League of MentalMen’) and Erik (bass). The demo was recorded a month before the V.V. gig. Their DIY 7” (If It Leads… It Bleeds) by Bruno ‘Sloef’ Mastyn in July 2000. They played grindcore and sung political lyrics; some compared them with ‘Disaffect’ and early ‘Conflict’…

Some more history: “Somewhere in 1997/1998 Anton and Hans were looking for a new bass-player. They asked Erik N. to join ‘Ulrike’s Dream’. Later Johan sung for a while. After three times or so, ‘Sapé’ and Jeroen came on vox. Daan joined the guitar-squad. We played a couple of gigs: some were brilliant, some were awful. Every band has these kinds of moments. We recorded our first demo-tape in 1998. It was called Burn, Burn, Burn the European Swastika!. The sound-quality wasn’t perfect but it had a cool booklet an it sounded grind. [raw and messy] It *had* to sound grind: it was recorded in a sixteenth century basement under a grotty punk-hole [Clockwork] full of drunks and drop-outs. It was great.”.

Anton went on to play for ‘The Usual Suspects’ (anarcho ska-dub-reggae-punk; also with Hans) & ‘Cop On Fire’… 2017 is the year a new album – entitled Anarchie in Leuven – is released (by the French labels Maloka & Deviance, and the German Wahnfried recs).


Nowadays all our hits are sung in Dutch and when we used to play grindcore, it’s now more of a mix of punk, metal & crust. Our previous record Van 9 Tot 5 came out in 2011. That was still with Kim singing. Nowadays Hans does the vocals.

Hans & Anton gained their first experiences ever regarding the production of noise in ‘Het Preekgestoelte’ [pulpit]. After that they started ‘Ulrike’s Dream’. They also founded ‘The Usual Suspects’. And after that ‘Death Church’, a ‘Rudimentary Peni’ tribute-band. And I have been in ‘Les Baudouins Morts’ and the hiphop-sensation ‘Flahaut’. That covers our side-projects…

The mate that did the demo-cover and the drawing of the cop (page 4) also did the sleeve for the Anarchy in Leuven album. [more trivia on the demo]

Erik, ‘Ulrike’s Dream’ bassist



Dona Nobis Pacem (Bel) live (Alphen aan de Rijn, Nl, 87-10-04)


tracks: Ballad Of Nature / Skeletons Of War / Behind Suffering Lies / If They Only Could Speak / When Reality Stops / Sane – Love The Animals / Pornography Of Life / Tortured And Abused (‘Antisect’ cover) / Lies Behind The Eyes

After ‘Brutal Society’ (Antwerp) – Manfred ‘Munpie’ Vinck’s first band – split up (’86), he got together with Dirk Wouters (bass), Gerrit (guitar) & Alex (drums) to form the anarcho-punk band ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ – often dubbed “the Belgian Antisect”. ‘Munpie’ did the vocals and played guitar. I saw them a bunch of times live (87-88) and shared a bill with them (87-06-28). I really like that band!

Apart from this tape (recorded while on tour with ‘Generic’ & ‘Electro Hippies’, in The Netherlands) there’s no studio-recordings of them. These live tracks appeared on a split-tape (together with ‘Chumbawamba’) that the Yura collective (Dick van Doorn, R.I.P. & Gijs from Alphen a/d Rijn, NL) put out. There are also live recordings (88-02-21 @ 1000 Appeltjes, Antwerp) that ‘Chronic Disease’s bassist ‘Vrokker’ made. And Manu & Alain of Nabate put the track Ballade Of Nature on their Exclusion compilation-LP.


Our tour with ‘Generic’ & ‘Electro Hippies’ was very amusing. The order of the bands was different every night: sometimes ‘Generic’ played first, then ‘D.N.P.’ and ‘Electro Hippies’ last; but the Brits both had left-handed drummers: we had to swicth the drum-kit over each time… After ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ I played for ‘Bad Influence’ a while and later (when I had discovered ‘Kyuss’) I started played stoner-rock. In my last band ‘Dukes Of Desert’ I wrote the songs, played bass and sang…

Dirk Wouters

Yes, we did a small tour with ‘Generic’ and ‘Electro Hippies’ throughout The Netherlands. Fantastic times. We shared car/van; switched the band-order… That whole period of the 1000 Appeltjes was a great time for us (it was our rehearsal-space). Unbelievable how many good bands we got to see there for little money. And an incredible atmosphere! Incredibly fun memories…


‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ @ 1000 Appeltjes, Antwerp (87-06-28) [pic by ?; courtesy of Dirk Wouters]



Citizen Fish (UK) promo (1991)


tracks: Supermarket Song / Small Scale Wars

Our Smurfpunx-collective had had the honour of wellcoming ‘Culture Shock’ a few years before (88-05-13). In the meantime Dick Lucas (vocals; ‘Subhumans’ and Bluurg recs) had formed a new band that mixed anarcho-punk with reggae-dub-ska. The combination of very danceable tunes and insightful socio-political lyrics was loved by many so I didn’t hestitate to help out when ‘Toddi’ asked to try and find them a show, even more so because they were touring with ‘Cringer‘.

For ‘Citizen Fish’ ( Dick got back together with some of his old mates of ‘Subhumans’: Phil Bryant did guitar and ‘Trotsky’ drummed. Jasper Patterson (who’d also been in ‘Culture Shock’) played the bass. By the time of this tour they already had 3 albums under their belt: Sink Or Swim (recorded Feb. ’90) and Free Souls In A Trapped Environment (spring 1990); both still with Larry on guitar. A bit after this tour (Nov. ’91) they went into the studio for the LP Wider Than A Postcard (with Phil playing guitar).

A few years later I would see them back at the Vort’n Vis several times (93-02-21, 93-10-24 & 94-09-17)…