Citizen Fish (UK) promo (1991)


tracks: Supermarket Song / Small Scale Wars

Our Smurfpunx-collective had had the honour of wellcoming ‘Culture Shock’ a few years before (88-05-13). In the meantime Dick Lucas (vocals; ‘Subhumans’ and Bluurg recs) had formed a new band that mixed anarcho-punk with reggae-dub-ska. The combination of very danceable tunes and insightful socio-political lyrics was loved by many so I didn’t hestitate to help out when ‘Toddi’ asked to try and find them a show, even more so because they were touring with ‘Cringer‘.

For ‘Citizen Fish’ ( Dick got back together with some of his old mates of ‘Subhumans’: Phil Bryant did guitar and ‘Trotsky’ drummed. Jasper Patterson (who’d also been in ‘Culture Shock’) played the bass. By the time of this tour they already had 3 albums under their belt: Sink Or Swim (recorded Feb. ’90) and Free Souls In A Trapped Environment (spring 1990); both still with Larry on guitar. A bit after this tour (Nov. ’91) they went into the studio for the LP Wider Than A Postcard (with Phil playing guitar).

A few years later I would see them back at the Vort’n Vis several times (93-02-21, 93-10-24 & 94-09-17)…

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