Dona Nobis Pacem (Bel) live (Alphen aan de Rijn, Nl, 87-10-04)


tracks: Ballad Of Nature / Skeletons Of War / Behind Suffering Lies / If They Only Could Speak / When Reality Stops / Sane – Love The Animals / Pornography Of Life / Tortured And Abused (‘Antisect’ cover) / Lies Behind The Eyes

After ‘Brutal Society’ (Antwerp) – Manfred ‘Munpie’ Vinck’s first band – split up (’86), he got together with Dirk Wouters (bass), Gerrit (guitar) & Alex (drums) to form the anarcho-punk band ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ – often dubbed “the Belgian Antisect”. ‘Munpie’ did the vocals and played guitar. I saw them a bunch of times live (87-88) and shared a bill with them (87-06-28). I really like that band!

Apart from this tape (recorded while on tour with ‘Generic’ & ‘Electro Hippies’, in The Netherlands) there’s no studio-recordings of them. These live tracks appeared on a split-tape (together with ‘Chumbawamba’) that the Yura collective (Dick van Doorn, R.I.P. & Gijs from Alphen a/d Rijn, NL) put out. There are also live recordings (88-02-21 @ 1000 Appeltjes, Antwerp) that ‘Chronic Disease’s bassist ‘Vrokker’ made. And Manu & Alain of Nabate put the track Ballade Of Nature on their Exclusion compilation-LP.


Our tour with ‘Generic’ & ‘Electro Hippies’ was very amusing. The order of the bands was different every night: sometimes ‘Generic’ played first, then ‘D.N.P.’ and ‘Electro Hippies’ last; but the Brits both had left-handed drummers: we had to swicth the drum-kit over each time… After ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ I played for ‘Bad Influence’ a while and later (when I had discovered ‘Kyuss’) I started played stoner-rock. In my last band ‘Dukes Of Desert’ I wrote the songs, played bass and sang…

Dirk Wouters

Yes, we did a small tour with ‘Generic’ and ‘Electro Hippies’ throughout The Netherlands. Fantastic times. We shared car/van; switched the band-order… That whole period of the 1000 Appeltjes was a great time for us (it was our rehearsal-space). Unbelievable how many good bands we got to see there for little money. And an incredible atmosphere! Incredibly fun memories…


‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ @ 1000 Appeltjes, Antwerp (87-06-28) [pic by ?; courtesy of Dirk Wouters]



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