Escape (Fra) demo (1993)



(Unfortunately my copy contains only the first six tracks)

‘Escape’ was labeled a pre-emo band (with mixed vocals and “old-school French hardcore punk influences”) from the Orléans area (France) with Stéphane ‘L’oizo’ L’Oiseau (vocals), Kathleen Simonneau (vocals, later ‘Anomie’), ‘Seb’ Sébastien (guitare), Gilles Auvinet (bass, later ‘Anomie’), Sylvain (batterie). They did a 7″ (Echappe à l’Histoire) on Ape recs (the label ran by Kathleen & Gilles) in 1993. The band also had a track on the compilation-LP Reconstruction (Stonehenge recs ’94), and 3 on a benefit-tape for Wolnitza (squat in Lyon).

Check also the post on the ‘Anomie‘ demo.


I don’t think ‘Escape’ was an “emo” band, music-wise but also lyrics-wise, no? I don’t think they actually had any contact with anything related to “emo” before 1991-1992… Other than Gilles and Kathleen, there was the male singer, whose name was Loiseau (or was it L’oiseau?… I have never known if it was a nickname – meaning ‘the bird’ – or his real family-name, but everybody was calling him this way…). He was a respected older punk from Orléans and was also the singer of another punk band called ‘Les QQQ’ (an old-school typical French punk band). I mistakenly had the idea that the guitarplayer’s name was Stéphane… I think their drummer was named Gwen (he would later drum for ‘Cross On Your Past’). ‘Escape’ did some kind of discography tape later when they had disbanded… (They quit very rapidly and started ‘Anomie’ in 1994.) I’m supposed to have it and I remember it was coming with a rather big booklet, because ‘Scholl’ (from ‘Undone’) did the artwork for it.

Christophe Mora, Stonehenge recs

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