Skeezicks (Ger) live (Tielt, Bel, 87-05-02)


Listen to the live set:

Fast/LoudGrowing UpWe Are SkeezicksFriendshipSelling OutLivin’ On The Country – Slam Brigade – Stupid Questions – Nothing Lasts Forever – Charlie Brown – What You Are – Blast Away – Consequences – No Second Chance – H.M. Sucks – Nothing (‘Negative Approach’ cover) – We Are Skeezicks – We’re Gonna Fight (‘7 Seconds’ cover)

[recordings made and kindly contributed by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt]

After the release of their demo We Make Noise… in 1985, Armin Hofmann released their first 7″ (There’s A Charlie Brown In Everyone Of Us; recorded in Amsterdam, April ’86) on his own label X-Mist recs. (In Tilt! #2, I wrote “…They sure know how to get rid of their energy with their super-fast fun-hardcore. 7 high-quality tracks…”) A few weeks before this gig (April ’87) they had recorded for their first LP (Selling Out!). The guys playing here were (besides bassplayer Armin): his bro Andy Hofmann on drums, guitarists Carsten Bauer & Marc Helber, and singer Jürgen ‘Sunny’ Findlinger (R.I.P.). Read how I did this gig in my hometown and how legendary it became: 87-05-02. It was the second show my own band ‘Repulsives’ shared a bill with them (after 87-02-15)…

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