Heresy (UK) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-01-30)


Listen to the live set:

Consume – The Street Enters The House – Too Close To HomeFlowers In ConcreteFace Up To ItCornered RatBelieving A LieInto The GreyNetwork Of FriendsTrapped In A SceneWhen Unity Becomes SolidarityDedication From InspirationAgainst The Grain – Conform – Open Up (‘D.Y.S.’ cover) – Stand Proud (?) – Sick Of Stupidity – Face Up To It – Cornered Rat

[recordings made and kindly contributed by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt]

Read all about this legendary Smurfpunx concert in my post on 88-01-30 and have a look at the extra photos. ‘Heresy’ played here with guitarist Steve ‘Baz’ Ballam (of ‘Ripcord’). I’d seen them for the first time at a Hageland Hardcore gig (86-10-05) but I can’t remember if this was still with ‘Reevsy’ (Malcom Reeves) or with Mitch Dickinson; when my band ‘Repulsives’ played with them (87-02-15) Mitch was the guitarist. They played at Scherpenheuvel a third time (87-08-30) – right after I tried to follow them a bit on their tour of the UK with ‘Lärm’ & ‘Heibel’ – and I ran into Micth again when he played with ‘Napalm Death’ in Wakken (87-11-07). The others were of course John March (vocals), Kalv(in) Piper (bass) & Steve Charlesworth (drums).

A bit before leaving on this tour (January 19th/20th 1988) they had recorded the tracks for their album Face Up To It! (released on Kalv’s label In Your Face recs). After that they still did the 7″ Whose Generation? (recorded 19th-21st December 1988). The band’s last final gig was on December 23 1989 (documented on the Live At Leeds 7″). I believe ‘Heresy’s last studio-recordings appeared on the split with ‘Meatfly’ (a band that Kalv & Steve were in from ’90 to ’92). I met Kalv again when he was in ‘ForceFed’, and John & ‘Baz’ when they were in ‘Can’t Decide’. I did gigs/tours for both in 1990…

Review of Face Up To It! in Tilt! #4: >>Even before this record got out, some people felt the urge to vent their criticism on it. “Their style has changed.” and “They’ve become big.” were some statements that went around. The gig in Aalst surprised me positively however. The music was calmer sometimes, yes: but it sure didn’t loose any of its energy. You could hear that Kalv and their new guitarist ‘Baz’ did an effort to get away from the speedy hardcore/thrash from the split with ‘Concrete Sox’. And on the record you can hear how John did the same with his voice. Speed is still a valuable part but the mid-tempo pieces are a welcome relief by times. Rap seems to have been another influence. Where other people are not looking any further then the ‘flat’ production, I see the refreshing efforts towards versatility. They didn’t get stuck in their role, they evolve and that is far more important then what ever can be reached with technicalities in a studio. Remember what a punk-record was? And then the lyrics… “Nothing but scene-talk, everybody can do that.” (and that’s not even true, read e.g. Too Close To Home). Well, I’ld rather read and hear somebody’s honest opinion about something close to his heart then talk about big world-problems that they think they’re supposed to sing about (like a lot of bands do) and don’t live/act like it. That’s also whate Make The Connection and Cornedered Rat are about. I’m not saying “Don’t sing about politics.”! But only “Sing about things you can relate to.”! I’m not going to go into them ’cause eveything’s explained very carefully on the lyric-sheet and I can’t do any better than the writer. So now you know why I like this record so much (especially Flowers In Concrete)! Thanks lads!<<

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