Cringer (USA) The Vinegar Tasters; tape (1986)



When I finally got to see ‘Cringer’ live (91-05-19; promo), they existed already for over 6 years. They did their first tape in 1985. Gardner Maxam (who later played bass) was singing in that early stage, Lance Hahn played guitar. The others were Ed Tarantino (bass) and Dave Carr (drums). This second one was recorded with the same line-up. (There was also a line-up with Lance on drums, Gardner on bass, Simon Barry on guitar & Francis Sippin singing at some point.) I probably never would’ve heard these songs if Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt didn’t dig it up from his archives. Thanks! The Fog was a song by ‘Hypo-Depression’ (another band that Lance was in) and Tainted Love is a cover of the ‘Soft Cell‘ track… The cassette also includes 5 tracks (Nowhere To Run – [new song, no title yet] – Berlin Wall – Zen Flesh Zen Bones – Another Day, Another Death) under the heading ‘demo April 88‘…

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