Leben Und Leben Lassen (Den) live (Aalst, Bel, 89-02-25)


Listen to the live set part 1 & part 2:

Freakline (part 1 & 2) / Past And Present / Ignore The Fact / Freakline / Danger Thought / Stop The Violence / Dystopia [on the set-list: Intro] / Disrespect / The Choice We Made [on the set-list: What’s Up?] / Apeshit For Your Conscience (Save The Whales) / Bastards (end of part 1) Where The Iron Crosses Grow [on the set-list: Iron Horses] / Radio Tucson / My Rooms

[recordings courtesy of Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt]

‘Leben Und Leben Lassen’ (L.U.L.L.) were mates from Odense, Denmark (playing great tunes to good lyrics): Andreas Ludvigsen – drums, Niller Sørensen – bass/vocals & Lars Thomsen – guitar. Actually I’d gotten to know them through their former vocalist Kent Nielsen (who had just left the band – he had already been in the studio with ‘Attent!on’ and was about to record with ‘Ugly Food’, etc.) whom I had visited  in the summer of ’86… I’d helped them with gigs before and they spent a night at my place a few years before this.

This gig (“animal day”, organised by Smurfpunx, 89-02-25) was on their “final tour”. Their second album Freakline (recorded with Kent) was about to be released on Mike Just’s label Starving Missile (Münich, Germany). Lars told me that Andreas was also “on his way out” already, and the band quit in the autumn of that year.

Check the interview I did with them after their 1st album ‘The Highest Wall’ got out: ‘L.U.L.L.’ / ‘Leben Und Leben Lassen’ (interview Tilt! #4)


Dystopia, Disrespect, The Choice…, Apeshit… were new songs. The latter 3 of these where recorded once by the Danish National Broadcast. I’m not sure of these song-titles but since I was the one who came up with the riffs, I can call them whatever I want…

Lars Thomsen


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