Chronic Disease (Bel) Trapped Again; tape (1989)

















studio: More Important – Selfdenial – Blood For Leeches – Nothing But Injustice – Armed With Truth – Nightmare Business – The Abuse Of Intelligence – Sacrilege – Dare To Face – Disturbed Nature – Easy Prey – Progress To Nowhere – Animal Massacre – Shocked!

live: Dare To Face – Easy Prey – Disturbed Nature – Blood For Leeches – Nightmare Business – Progress To Nowhere – Money Money Money – Selfdenial – Consumption Drunk – More Important – Sacrilege – Lost Dimension – Armed With Truth – Animal Massacre – Reflections

A lot can be and is written about this legendary band from Bruges/Brugge. I already posted an interview from 1988 and about their Smurfpunx shows (88-11-11 & 89-12-25) and Vort’n Vis gigs (89-09-16, 90-01-20, 90-08-25 & 91-04-28). I consider(ed) ‘Leffe’, ‘Sling’, ‘Vrokker’ & ‘Meyer’ mates. Nice guys with their hearts in the right place; a political band with attitude…

This tape was distributed by His Master’s Noise (Bruno Vandevyvere). It contains the band’s demo (Who Will Pay The Price Of Our Disregard) – recorded in June ’89; plus the live registration of  a show in Bissegem (near Kortrijk, Belgium), 89-04-28 (the last track 88-11-11). In the spring of 1990 they recorded a 7″ (Born To Live In Chains) that was released on Kurt Horemans’ label Innerforce.

[For those interested I also have live recordings from their gig in Terneuzen (Hol) on 88-11-19.]

The booklet:


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