Stengte Dører (Nor) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-12-04)



Mørkets Fyrster (Princess Of Darkness) – Falsk Trygghet (False Security) – Hver Dag Er En Perfekt Dag (Every Day Is A Perfect Day) – Levereglene (Code Of Conduct) – Feigingen (Cowards) – Tilstå (Confess) – Møtet I Trappa (Meeting On The Stairs) – Du Kan Aldri (You Can Never) – Fra Utsida Og Inn (From The Outside In) – Billige Drømmer (Cheap Dreams) – Prøyssermarsjen () – Set Me Free

[recorded by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt]

The set contained mostly songs from their album Hver Dag Er En Perfekt Dag; which was recorded the next few days after this gig – in Germany (and released in 1989 by Reiner Mettner on his label Double A recs) and a few from their first LP Sangen Om Vår Vidunderlige Verden (Songs About Our Wonderful World) – Double A recs 1988. On 88-12-04 they played this Smurfpunx concert together with ‘Angry Red Planet’ (USA), ‘Erosion’ (Ger) & ‘Ludichrist’ (USA) – about half a year after their first appearance in Aalst (88-05-13).

The guys in the band were Børre Løvik (guitar; ex ‘Bannlyst’, also in ‘So Much Hate’), Jo Raknes (bass), Harald Tredal (drums; later replaced by Thomas Fosseide of ‘Bannlyst’ & ‘Kafka Prosess’) & Hasse Jørgensen (vocals).

Review of Hver Dag Er En Perfekt Dag in Tilt! #5: >>These people like to dissect human feelings and relationships in their lyrics and their music fits wonderfully: it switches from sensitive to aggressive to reflecting. Børre ‘s guitarlicks make it all even more intriguing. I like it!<<

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