Oi Polloi (UK) Destroi The System!; demo (83)



Punx ‘n’ Skinz / Thugs In Uniform / Never Give In / Minority Authority / Boot Down The Door / Stop Vivisection / Skinhead / Pigs For Slaughter / No Filthy Nuclear Power

[tape kindly contributed by Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski]

These are ‘Oi Polloi’s first studio-recordings from 1983 (but they were only released in 1984-85). Their second studio-demo (Green Anarchoi) followed in ’85 and then it was time for their first vinyl (the split with ‘A.O.A.’ was recorded in ’85 but C.O.R. released it in the summer of ’86; the 7″ Resist the Atomic Menace was recorded and released in between)…

In Ian Glasper’s book The Day the Country Died, singer Deek Allan tells us the band’s history. There’s mention that at the time this was recorded Deek was the original member left (apart from ‘Spook’ who played guitar on the opening track). The others were ‘Ozzy’ (David Osborne) on bass, ‘Guv’ (Gavin Robertson) on drums and guitarists ‘Rat’ (David Connolly) & ‘Gav’ (Gavin Baird). Some of tracks resurfaced on the Six Of The Best ‎CD. Boot Down The Door was also on the compilation-7″ No Visible Scars.

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