Infezione (Ita) Oppressione Quotidiana; tape (1986)


side A: Non Difendere La Patria (Do Not Defend Your Country) / Loro Gloria (Their Glory) / Pace, Vita, Libertà (Peace, Freedom, Life) / Odio, Rifiutò, Negazione (Hate, Refusal, Negation) / Oppressione Quotidiana (Daily Oppression) / Cazzo Per Cervello (Dick For Brain) / Non Fidarti Del Sistema (Don’t Trust The System) / Per L’Anarchia (For Anarchy)

side B: Non Voglio Essere Più Servo (I Don’t Want To Be A Slave Anymore) / Il Sistema È Crudeltà (The System Is Cruel) / Il Tuo Unico Nemico È Lo Stato (Your One Enemy Is The State) / Morte Umana, Morte Animale (Human Death, Animal Death) / Sacrificare L’Animale (To Sacrify The Animal) / Stato Di Polizia (Police State) / No !!! / Chi Ha Un Esercito… (Whoever Has An Army…) / Reagisci (React)

Enrico Manicardi (vocals/guitar), Lory Manicardi (drums) & Barbara ‘Pi’ (bass) – from Modena (Italy) – recorded these tracks in November 1986. ‘Mila’ Gianpiero Milani re-issued them on his label Agipunk in the noughties. I got their 2 albums but this tape was a contribution by Smurfpunx buddy Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinksi. They also contributed a track for Profane existence’s benefit compilation (double-7″) Think Globally – Act Locally.

The band got my full support (I distributed their records and helped organise a show for them at the Vort’n Vis – 92-12-31) because they were a great HC/punk band with a political (anti-authoritarian/anarchist) message.

Every day again they know how to offer you the best. They learn you to take decisions from when you’re a kid, offering you their way of life, based on lies, hypocrisy and violence, camouflaged by their false truths.

The exploitation of one human being over another is thereby translated as “the realisation of the potentials of each individual on a socio-economic level”. And just because at a certain age you are not yet capable of defending yourself and you don’t understand the real danger of their words, you are forced to undergo their oppression.

Then they propose/impose their religion, who as an instrument of false heavenly illusions, has the goal to eliminate the organisation of dissense. They want you to believe that we’re all equal and that there is no such thing as masters or servants. The hierarchic model is always represented as basic by family, school, work and all other forms of social aggregation. All of this because their intention is to transform the healthy and honest human (who has no evil in him) into one of their kind: despicable and power-hungry, ready to be their successor.

Now you’re able to understand the danger of their lies, amplified by all their means of communication. Now you understand the hypocrisy of their life-patterns and why all of this has been and is imponed onto you. That is why today, because you weren’t capable of doing it at one time, you have to defend yourself… DO IT!

Think about it…It only depends on you! That the way things go keep on going! This is as long as you allow that you get conditioned by fashion, publicity, the others… and as long as you keep on being an instrument of the ones taking advantage out of you and your passivity to fulfill their ambitions at any price!

But if you don’t want this, there’s the alternative of life and freedom, leaving behind the restrictive roles that society impones on you. This in a pacifist way. Think about it…


(This tape is completely DIY)

[translation: Paolo Melis]

1989 Interview with ‘Infezione’ (Endless Struggle #9)

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