Bad Influence (Bel) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-05-13)



(new one) / Wake Up / Just A Dream / BB & Co / The Unacceptable [Wearing Of Fur] / Murder Is Murder / Holes in Your Brain / If I / World’s Getting Dirtier / Your Choice / Nightmare / Words / The Way I Feel / Life Circle / Love

[recordings kindly donated by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt]

Around that time ‘Bad Influence’ played in this line-up: ‘Holy’ Herwin De Winter (vocals), Chris(tel) Joosen (vocals), Bart Belmans (guitar), Danny Van Honsté (bass) & Joris Rombouts (drums). Perhaps Thomas Noppe had joined as second guitarist already? Most tracks were from their first (released 1985) demo ‘Together We Are Stronger Then They Think’ (anarchopunk) … They were good mates with ‘Culture Shock’ and played a few concerts together; this one here (88-05-13) with the Norwegian ‘Stengte Dører’ and the fresh local ‘Youth Crew’.

The first embodiment of ‘Bad Influence’ was with Ronny Hansens (bass), Joris (drums/vocals) & Bart (guitar/vocals): when ‘Track’ (first band of Bart & Chris) split up, Joris & Ronny were joined by Bart (who gave the band its name). Their first gig was with the ‘Scoundrels’ & ‘Brutal Society’ (85-11-01 @ the Hob Nob in Brasschaat). By the tape their tape was recorded Ronny was replaced by Danny, and Chris had joined to do vocals. A few years later Herwin (ex ‘Basement Boys’) came along…

Later on ‘B.I.’ went through quite some line-up changes. Danny left and started to play for ‘Vais’, Dirk Wouters (‘Dona Nobis Pacem’) & Patrick Delabie (‘Scoundrels’) took over. Chris and her partner Bart left (becoming parents), etc. etc. Later on, I saw them play a bunch of times (e.g. at the Vort’n Vis: 90-10-27, 93-09-04, 93-10-24, 96-09-21, …) with different bassists and guitarists. The band still exists but only Herwin seems left from the early days…


The song The World’s Getting Dirtier is an unreleased song; just as the other song Love was never released. Love was still in a ‘jam’ phase – something we did quite often. There should also be a version somewhere, from a concert in Hoorn [The Netherlands] (1988 with the ‘Scoundrels’)…


The World’s Getting Dirtier & The Way I Feel were written by me (together with Herwin, as far as I can remember…)


The ‘new one’ is just an intro that we always played 🙂 [Brob: That’s how it was mentioned on the track-list…]


‘Bad Influence’ (@ De Garde, Brasschaat, Bel; 88-05), pic by Dirk Wouters

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