Capital Scum (Bel) + Ear Damage (Bel) live (Oostende, Bel, 88-01-31)


[tape suggested by Joost Goeminne]

Capital Scum:

City Baby Attacked By Rats (‘G.B.H.’ cover) / Target / Animal Aid / Black Market Girls / Bullets And Fire / Driftless / Tsjerno Kills / Final Nail In My Coffin / Clutch The Flag / Gimme Gimme Gimme (‘Black Flag’ cover) / Side By Side / Roadkiller / Michael Jackson / Dance Till Death (‘Dinosaur’ version of Freak Show) / [cops -intervention] / Prison Life / Washington Bullets

Ear Damage:

Progress Of Humanity / Euthanasia / Red White And Blue / Not Normal / Princess Of The Dark / Emotions Not Allowed / Your God Is Dead / Don’t Leave Me Now / Burn In Hell / Police Patrol / Alone Again / Garden Of Evil / Skateboard Blues / Mindless Violence

The day after we (Smurfpunx) organised a concert with ‘Heresy’ & Ripcord’ in Aalst (88-01-30), there was a gig in Oostende with ‘Bad Influence’ (Bel), ‘Ear Damage’ (Bel), ‘Capital Scum’ (Bel), ‘Chronic Disease’ (Bel), etc. The people who set this one up were Carl Levecke, Kim Deschacht (Durty Skum zine), Franky ‘Vos’ Kimpe & friends. ‘Vos’ recorded this tape…


‘Capital Scum’ – ‘Pies’ Peter Laermans (vocals), ‘Larrie’ Paul Laermans (guitar), Jurgen Surinx (bass) & ‘Sox’ Filip Mulders (drums) – had released their first album (Tsjerno Kills) the year before. This was probably one of ‘C.S.’ last gigs of their ‘first period’… ‘Pies’ did his last eighties show in Dec 1986 (soon after the release of the LP). In 87/88 Filip Pauwels a.k.a. ‘Fille’ a.k.a ‘Vark’ sang. In 2002 ‘Pies’ returned and they’re still going…

‘Capital Scum’ (photo by Kim Deschacht)

‘Ear Damage’ (guitarist Dirk Ceustermans, bassist Marc Verbeeck & drummer ‘Bie’ Robin Puttemans) were in-between the recordings of their first (July 1987) and second (November 1988) album.

Here’s what Jan ‘Doomy’ Claus wrote about it in his fanzine De Rattebeet #4:

The event was indeed shut down by the cops. We weren’t able to play or whole set.

Paul Laeremans

If I remember well, we were allowed to continue…for 3 more songs or so, because we came from far away…

Jurgen Surinx

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