Electro Hippies (UK) Killing Babies Is Tight; tape (1986)



(Intro) / Unity / Run Ronald / Wings of Death / Vivisection Song / Say Goodbye Now… / (Outro)

Under the motto ‘Play Fast Or Die’ this band (from the Wigan area) played crustgrind/punk. These first studio-recordings date from March 1986 and were done with Andy Barnard (guitar/vocals; later in ‘Metal Duck’), Simon (drums; later replaced by ‘Whitey’ Mark Wightman), Jeff(rey) Walker (vocals; also bass in ‘Carcass’) & Bruno (Brian Rylance; bass). Dom(inique) Murphy joined a bit on bass later: he was on the 1987 tour that landed them a gig with my own band (87-06-28).

Some of these songs also appeared on their first vinyl release (split-12″ with ‘Generic’; recorded -with Bruno on bass- July ’86 and released in March ’87 on Flat Earth recs). Their second tape (If Killing Babies Is Tight…Killing Babies For Profit Is Even Tighter) was recorded in January 1987).

Thanks to Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski for borrowing this…

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