Sound Of Disaster (Swe) demo (1983)


side A: Lagar Och Förordningar (Laws and Regulations) / Modesvin (Fashion Pig) / We Want / Minoritet (Minority) / Fuck / Zomos Kommer (Zomos Comes) / Warfare / Sound Of Disaster

side B: Wellpaid Murder / Church Want Power / Låt Djuren Leva (Let The Animals Live) / Dator (Computer) / Fucking Pollution /

[tape from Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection]

‘S.O.D.’ – no, not ‘Stormtroopers Of Death’ – ‘Sound’ Of Disaster’ was a hardcore/thrash band from Mjölby (Sweden) with Göran Lind (vocals; editor of Arrrrrrrgh zine), Magnus Jonsson (drums), ‘Nutte’ Anders Rehn (guitar) & Petri Nyman (bass). The cover says the recordings are from October 1983. The songs were re-released on vinyl in 2005 (the bootleg 7″ Lagar Och Förordningar).


I met Göran Lind at the ‘Conflict’ gig in Antwerp (June ’84), bought the tape from him and asked if I could use one of the songs for the Smurfpunk compilation-tape that I was getting together. We exchanged records and tapes for years…


The band started in February ’83 in a different line-up than on the recordings (an October weekend with several takes in our practice-room). I sat in my room and compiled a tape with the -in my opinion- best versions of all the songs we did. I did all the cassette-copying, the sleeve, etc. myself and sent them all over. Most songs didn’t survive untill we did a proper recording about 6 months later. In ’85 we did a 2nd demo, that eventually became 2 7″s: the first released in September ’85 by ourselves and the second in late ’90 by Really Fast recs.

Göran Lind

The band started with a different line-up, but that also had a different name. They were called ‘Anti M’. As far as I remember they changed drummer and name in August 1983. I recorded this demo by the way.

Patrik Jonsson

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