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Upset Noise (Ita) live (Bredene, Bel, 88-04-03)


These recordings we made on 88-04-03 (@ ‘Cruysduyne’, Bredene) by Franky ‘Vos’ Kimpe and ripped by Michael Kopijn. ‘Upset Noise’ (Ita) were billed here together with ‘Scraps’ (Fra), ‘The Regiment’ (Nl), ‘C.P.D.’ (Bel), ‘Antidote’ (Bel) & ‘M.O.P.’ (Bel).

Tracks (titles courtesy of Stefano Bonanni/Fausto Franza/Lucio Drusian):

Weekend Massacre (*) / Got Mitt Uns (*) / Sinking In My My Own Hell (**) / Upset Noise (*) / Walkin’ On My Brain (blues version; never recorded) / No One’s Concerned (*) / Walkin’ On My Brain (*) / Asfalto (+) / One Minute Drama (*) / Non Voglio (* & +) / Sex’s A Crime (*) /  Negative Man (never recorded) / Astro Zombies (‘Misfits’ cover) / Who Said? (*) / Ready To Party (**)

(*) 1st LP Nothing More To Be Said!! – (**) 2nd LP Growing Pain – (+) 7″ Disperazione Nevrotica

A couple of days before ‘Upset Noise’ (who had a fabulous record out on Hageland recs) were due to play at one of our Smurfpunx shows (88-04-29) we were told they weren’t going to show up because they had split up… I had already missed them when guitar-player Fausto broke his pelvis and a leg in a motorcycle-crash a few days before they were to support ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ in Scherpenheuvel (87-07-06). I can’t remember if I saw them a few months later (87-09-13)…

In 1987 the band consisted of Paolo ‘Boffo’ Cattaruzza (bass), Fausto Franza (guitar), Lucio Drusian (vocals) & Stefano ‘Bone’ Bonanni (drums). In ’88 they had a second guitar-player that joined the band just for that tour. After the split they reformed about a year later with Guido Zamattio on bass and Massimo ‘Max’ Arban on 2nd guitar. They played a Hageland Hardcore gig on 88-11-05 (in Leuven, with ‘M.D.C.’ & ‘No Pigs) and a Metalysee show 88-11-06 (in Oordegem) with ‘Mucky Pup’ & ‘SixtyNine’…

This is how the review (in my zine Tilt! #3), of their album Nothing More To Be Said!!, goes: >>Werner [Hageland recs] released a really excellent record. The best ever to come out on a Belgian label. He gave me a box to sell. When people asked me how it sounded, I told them I thought it was a mixture of ‘Negazione’ and ‘Agnostic Front’. The music can only be described in superlatives… Fausto’s doing wonderful things on his guitar. Also the voice is an improvement to the Disperazione Nevrotica EP. Almost all the lyrics talk about the duality feeling powerless/wanting to fight the system. “Don’t follow the lemmings!” Real down-to-earth, realistic and no symbolic bullshit.<<

Nowadays Lucio and ‘Bone’ are in the band ‘Methedrine‘. ‘Bone’ also formed ‘A New SCAR’ with Diego Fabbri (bassist of ‘Impact’)…


I remember those times… The tour was cool until our old van’s engine broke down coming back from Norway (where we had an unforgettable gig arranged by Gunnar [Nuven, of ‘So Much Hate’]). As we were a low-budget band, we spent almost all of the band’s money to buy a new one, but the fuckin’ Danish engineer whom we ask to fix it provided a new one (in fact an old but renewed engine) for a hell of price. It broke down again just a 100 m before the ferry to Germany, so with the help from the guys in Ungdomshuset (the squat were we played a week before [in Copenhagen]) we got another engine from that sucker engineer, that brought us very slowly back to Italy where it finally died.

At that point, the band and neither Hageland’s Werner [Excelmans] (max respect by the way…) couldn’t afford to buy or rent another van in time to finish the tour as Fausto & Stefano had to go back to work. (Hey, we never earned money enough to live from our music but that wasn’t the band’s goal anyway… Guess that’s clear!)

Suddenly ‘Boffo’, the bass-player and founding-member, decided he would quit the band together with the second guitar-player (Michele) that joined the band just for that tour, and everything went SHIT. Too bad, the band split up and it took almost a year to reform by adding Guido on bass and Max on 2nd guitar. For what it’s worth: we apologize for the cancelled dates of the tour, it was a damn bad thing for the band…but that was being in an Italian HC band back then… Cheers, mates!

Lucio Drusian

The second guitarist here was Michele Nadi, after him Massimo Arban played second guitar till ’95…

Fausto Franza

photo by Micha Van der Elst

[top row: ‘Bone’ – ‘Boffo’ – second guitarist Michele Nadi (toured with the band just for a month and a half); bottom row: Lucio – Fausto]

C.P.D. (Bel) live (Bredene, Bel, 88-04-03)


The recordings were made by Franky ‘Vos’ Kimpe and converted by Michael Kopijn.

Tracks (titles courtesy of Hugo Van Speybroeck):

Padvinders (Scouts) / Corrupt Police Department / Metal Maniacs Suicide / Vettig Genoeg (Greasy Enough) / USA / Eten (Food) / Fashion Punks / Desperate Dead / Skate Straight / All In The Family / Türkish Hardcore / Calimero Blues / De Zeven (The Seven) / Slaughterhouse / Skateboard Malfunctions

‘C.P.D.’ (the abbreviation was interpreted as a lot of things over the years but most of the time it stood for ‘Complete Political Disorder’ or ‘Corrupt Police Department’). In April ‘84 Jaak De Cock (drums; later ‘Disorder’ & ‘Nations On Fire’) and Bart Van Praet (guitar; later ‘Topless Helicopter Lessons’) started ‘UxSxAx’ (‘Unidentified Shit Army’), influenced by ‘Exploited’. Bassists and singer came and went. Hugo Van Speybroeck joined them in Jan. ’85 to play bass & sing (e.g. their first Smurfpunx gig 85-12-21); though at ‘C.P.D.’s very first concert (I believe) – 85-03-16 @ ‘De Waag’ in Antwerp) – Geert Cappaert was doing vocals. ‘Munpie’ (Manfred Vinck of ‘Brutal Society’ & ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’) also sang along one time at a gig in the band’s hometown (Hamme). Vocalist Rudy Hoeykens (also in ‘Opa In Levende Lijve’) started singing for them around Aug. ’86… Paolo Craet played bass in ’88 (when Hugo sang). They did 3 more Smurfpunx shows (86-12-19, 87-03-15 & 87-12-11) and my band, ‘Repulsives’, played together with them 6 times…

The band more or less seized to exist when vocalist Rudy and Jaak moved to Norway (evading military service) and joined ‘Disorder’ (European tour late ’87/early ’88 – Jaak played the drums on the live-version of Today’s World, on the Violent World LP/CD) but ‘C.P.D.’ did this show here 88-04-03 (@ ‘Cruysduyne’, Bredene), together with ‘Upset Noise’ (Ita), ‘Scraps’ (Fra), ‘The Regiment’ (Nl), ‘Antidote’ (Bel) & ‘M.O.P.’ (Bel). Bart, Hugo and Jaak played here; there’s doubts about Paolo doing bass…

In an old letter I read that Bart & Hugo considered recruiting ‘XXX Springmuis Kockie’ for ‘CPD’ when Jaak & Rudy were in Oslo. But that didn’t work out and they founded ‘Innerface‘ (pop-punk influenced by ‘Descendents’, ‘Big Drill Car’, ‘Doughboys’); where Fons (ex ‘5Les’, ‘Taartje Aardbei’ played bass at a certain timepoint…

‘C.P.D.’ was considered a bit as a ‘fun’ band but underneath the surface there was a distinct political attitude. At some timepoint they pretended to be a “Türkish HC” band – which was quite exoctic at that time – and adopted Turkish names; to confront people with racist attitudes in a subtile/ironic way… Jaak was straight-edge; him and Hugo vegetarian. Jaak became an ardent promoter of veganism and ran his own vegan shop for some years.

The band never released any vinyl. Over the years Hugo & Bart were in a new band (‘Innerface’), Jaak played the drums in ‘Nations On Fire. Later Hugo was in ‘Blood Curse’ with ‘Larrie’ & ‘Pies’ of ‘Capital Scum’ and Dirk Ceustermans of ‘Ear Damage’. Well into the 2000s Jaak, Bart & Hugo started to play together again, in ‘Democracy The End’ (nowadays without Bart).

Mental Diarrhoea (Hol) demo (1990)


side Aside B

Another contribution by Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski…

‘Mental Diarrhoea’ was a hardore outfit from Rotterdam with ex-members of ‘Sex Slaves’ and ‘Political Asylum’ (Scotland). The band consisted of Harold Sauer (bass), Steve Dewar (guitar), Jeroen (drums) & Hans de Haan (vocals). They had a track (Tormented Earth) on the first Zooid compilation-LP.


‘Mental Diarrhoea’ or however you spell it was me, Hans, Jeroen ‘something’ on drums and Harold on bass. Those 3 were once called the ‘Sex Slaves’; they had Len Groen on guitar who went on to play in ‘Hardheaded Soul’ [Len Groen played drums for ‘Vanity 4’], I believe. We played a few gigs with ‘Anarcrust’ and appeared on that compilation with quite a few other Dutch punky bands at that time. I played with ‘M.D.’ from about 1990 ’til 1993, I think. It was good fun. Later I played in another band with Harold and new drummer: we were called ‘Bastard Sugar’.

There was a lotta squat-punk activities in Rotterdam at that time although that was nothing new there of course. Luckily for myself I arrived there after the speed-junkie years (some time after ‘P.A.’s tour with ‘5Les’). I also was in ‘Debiele Eenheid’ for a while after ‘M.D.’.

Steve Dewar (‘Political Asylum’, etc.)

‘Mental Diarrhoea’ was a part of the hardcore/punk scene in Rotterdam. Descendant from the band ‘Sex Slaves’. The guitarist left, Steve joined. We played ‘Sex Slaves’ songs and a new one. The latter were featured on For Those Who Are Deaf…Tough Shit!, a tape with 3 other Rotterdam hardcore/punk bands [‘Anarcrust’, ‘Vanity 4’ & ‘Ptooooing’] from that era…

Harold Sauer

from the booklet (provided by Harold) that came with the tape, as released by the band (that had another cover, other songs and another sound-mixing):


Sarah (Fra) Latcho Drom; tape (1997)



Sarah’, from Rennes, are Bretons “fighting for their future, their language”. Their address stated “Breizh via France”. Breizh is the Breton name for Brittany (Bretagne, a region in the North-West of France). They wrote: “The French laws are improper for what is going on in Brittany, e.g. concerning water-pollution, agriculture,…” but they didn’t see themselves as nationalists: “We are communists.”. They were also a SxE band…“to show people that it is possible to live without drugs or alcohol”. They played (post-)hardcore (sometimes industrial or metal sounding, also use of accoustic instruments; some compared them with ‘Neurosis’), sang lyrics in Breton, Gaelic & French, and also did a zine named An Eeunded.

Erwan H. (who played guibasse/mandoline/piano in the band) sent me this tape. It was supposed to be an introduction to get them some gigs. They eventually played the Vort’n Vis twice (98-04-19 & 98-09-19). The others in the band were Fabien Lecuyer (vocals/fiddle), Michaël Genevée (drums/accordion/fiddle) & Jérôme Bouthier (bass). Thierry Jolivet and Stéphane Hardy (who’re mentioned on the tape-insert) were their friends. Besides this cassette they did another (entitled Herzelomp Betek An Trec’h in 1997) and in 1999 they released Ez Eterninmens (4 track CD).

Review in Tilt! #9: >>Two tracks of dark, dragging metallic (almost industrial) slow-core with raw vocals. The band talks about 2 things that seem to be important to them: the future of the youth (SxE) and living their own Breton culture. Difficult to get into…<<

Belgian Asociality (Bel) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-06-25)



B.A. / Trap ‘t Af / Politics / Keerbergen / Boerderie / Wodka / Miep Miep / Tomorrow’s World / Funeral Bells / Feasty Boys / Khomeini / Beuark / Voor De Noele / Why Didn’t You Call Me / Harde Tijden / Koppijn Morgen / Skinhead / Goa (Gij) Da / Non Non Rien Est Changé / Boerderie / Wodka

Recordings made by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt at Netwerk, Aalst where the band played a Smurfpunx show (88-06-25) – togther with ‘R.K.L.’ (USA), ‘Squandered Message’ (Ger) & ‘Atavistic’ (UK) – filling in for ‘Chronic Disease’ last minute. At that time the band consisted of Tom Lumbeeck (bass), Chris Raffo (drums) & ‘Vlie’ (a.k.a. Patrick Van Looy) (guitar); nowadays only singer Mark Vosté remains…

People can read some recollections on the Smurfpunx website… It was ‘B.A.’s 4th performance… Mark remembers that the lights suddenly went dead during their set and when they went back on after a minute or so, the whole audience had turned into an enormous whirlpool of people pogo-ing, a stampede and a pell-mell of people. Dirk of Punk etc. was there too and they gave him a demo-tape to have a listen to – a few weeks later the first LP was recorded.