Belgian Asociality (Bel) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-06-25)



B.A. / Trap ‘t Af / Politics / Keerbergen / Boerderie / Wodka / Miep Miep / Tomorrow’s World / Funeral Bells / Feasty Boys / Khomeini / Beuark / Voor De Noele / Why Didn’t You Call Me / Harde Tijden / Koppijn Morgen / Skinhead / Goa (Gij) Da / Non Non Rien Est Changé / Boerderie / Wodka

Recordings made by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt at Netwerk, Aalst where the band played a Smurfpunx show (88-06-25) – togther with ‘R.K.L.’ (USA), ‘Squandered Message’ (Ger) & ‘Atavistic’ (UK) – filling in for ‘Chronic Disease’ last minute. At that time the band consisted of Tom Lumbeeck (bass), Chris Raffo (drums) & ‘Vlie’ (a.k.a. Patrick Van Looy) (guitar); nowadays only singer Mark Vosté remains…

People can read some recollections on the Smurfpunx website… It was ‘B.A.’s 4th performance… Mark remembers that the lights suddenly went dead during their set and when they went back on after a minute or so, the whole audience had turned into an enormous whirlpool of people pogo-ing, a stampede and a pell-mell of people. Dirk of Punk etc. was there too and they gave him a demo-tape to have a listen to – a few weeks later the first LP was recorded.



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