Mental Diarrhoea (Hol) demo (1990)


side Aside B

Another contribution by Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski…

‘Mental Diarrhoea’ was a hardore outfit from Rotterdam with ex-members of ‘Sex Slaves’ and ‘Political Asylum’ (Scotland). The band consisted of Harold Sauer (bass), Steve Dewar (guitar), Jeroen (drums) & Hans de Haan (vocals). They had a track (Tormented Earth) on the first Zooid compilation-LP.


‘Mental Diarrhoea’ or however you spell it was me, Hans, Jeroen ‘something’ on drums and Harold on bass. Those 3 were once called the ‘Sex Slaves’; they had Len Groen on guitar who went on to play in ‘Hardheaded Soul’ [Len Groen played drums for ‘Vanity 4’], I believe. We played a few gigs with ‘Anarcrust’ and appeared on that compilation with quite a few other Dutch punky bands at that time. I played with ‘M.D.’ from about 1990 ’til 1993, I think. It was good fun. Later I played in another band with Harold and new drummer: we were called ‘Bastard Sugar’.

There was a lotta squat-punk activities in Rotterdam at that time although that was nothing new there of course. Luckily for myself I arrived there after the speed-junkie years (some time after ‘P.A.’s tour with ‘5Les’). I also was in ‘Debiele Eenheid’ for a while after ‘M.D.’.

Steve Dewar (‘Political Asylum’, etc.)

‘Mental Diarrhoea’ was a part of the hardcore/punk scene in Rotterdam. Descendant from the band ‘Sex Slaves’. The guitarist left, Steve joined. We played ‘Sex Slaves’ songs and a new one. The latter were featured on For Those Who Are Deaf…Tough Shit!, a tape with 3 other Rotterdam hardcore/punk bands [‘Anarcrust’, ‘Vanity 4’ & ‘Ptooooing’] from that era…

Harold Sauer

from the booklet (provided by Harold) that came with the tape, as released by the band (that had another cover, other songs and another sound-mixing):


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