C.P.D. (Bel) live (Bredene, Bel, 88-04-03)


The recordings were made by Franky ‘Vos’ Kimpe and converted by Michael Kopijn.

Tracks (titles courtesy of Hugo Van Speybroeck):

Padvinders (Scouts) / Corrupt Police Department / Metal Maniacs Suicide / Vettig Genoeg (Greasy Enough) / USA / Eten (Food) / Fashion Punks / Desperate Dead / Skate Straight / All In The Family / Türkish Hardcore / Calimero Blues / De Zeven (The Seven) / Slaughterhouse / Skateboard Malfunctions

‘C.P.D.’ (the abbreviation was interpreted as a lot of things over the years but most of the time it stood for ‘Complete Political Disorder’ or ‘Corrupt Police Department’). In April ‘84 Jaak De Cock (drums; later ‘Disorder’ & ‘Nations On Fire’) and Bart Van Praet (guitar; later ‘Topless Helicopter Lessons’) started ‘UxSxAx’ (‘Unidentified Shit Army’), influenced by ‘Exploited’. Bassists and singer came and went. Hugo Van Speybroeck joined them in Jan. ’85 to play bass & sing (e.g. their first Smurfpunx gig 85-12-21); though at ‘C.P.D.’s very first concert (I believe) – 85-03-16 @ ‘De Waag’ in Antwerp) – Geert Cappaert was doing vocals. ‘Munpie’ (Manfred Vinck of ‘Brutal Society’ & ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’) also sang along one time at a gig in the band’s hometown (Hamme). Vocalist Rudy Hoeykens (also in ‘Opa In Levende Lijve’) started singing for them around Aug. ’86… Paolo Craet played bass in ’88 (when Hugo sang). They did 3 more Smurfpunx shows (86-12-19, 87-03-15 & 87-12-11) and my band, ‘Repulsives’, played together with them 6 times…

The band more or less seized to exist when vocalist Rudy and Jaak moved to Norway (evading military service) and joined ‘Disorder’ (European tour late ’87/early ’88 – Jaak played the drums on the live-version of Today’s World, on the Violent World LP/CD) but ‘C.P.D.’ did this show here 88-04-03 (@ ‘Cruysduyne’, Bredene), together with ‘Upset Noise’ (Ita), ‘Scraps’ (Fra), ‘The Regiment’ (Nl), ‘Antidote’ (Bel) & ‘M.O.P.’ (Bel). Bart, Hugo and Jaak played here; there’s doubts about Paolo doing bass…

In an old letter I read that Bart & Hugo considered recruiting ‘XXX Springmuis Kockie’ for ‘CPD’ when Jaak & Rudy were in Oslo. But that didn’t work out and they founded ‘Innerface‘ (pop-punk influenced by ‘Descendents’, ‘Big Drill Car’, ‘Doughboys’); where Fons (ex ‘5Les’, ‘Taartje Aardbei’ played bass at a certain timepoint…

‘C.P.D.’ was considered a bit as a ‘fun’ band but underneath the surface there was a distinct political attitude. At some timepoint they pretended to be a “Türkish HC” band – which was quite exoctic at that time – and adopted Turkish names; to confront people with racist attitudes in a subtile/ironic way… Jaak was straight-edge; him and Hugo vegetarian. Jaak became an ardent promoter of veganism and ran his own vegan shop for some years.

The band never released any vinyl. Over the years Hugo & Bart were in a new band (‘Innerface’), Jaak played the drums in ‘Nations On Fire. Later Hugo was in ‘Blood Curse’ with ‘Larrie’ & ‘Pies’ of ‘Capital Scum’ and Dirk Ceustermans of ‘Ear Damage’. Well into the 2000s Jaak, Bart & Hugo started to play together again, in ‘Democracy The End’ (nowadays without Bart).

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