Power Age (S-Afr) Who Are You?; demo (1985)


(A) studio (1985): System / Future Fun / Venegance Of Youth / World Today / World War III / Waiting For The War / War Machine / World War III (Radio 5)

(B) live in Durban: I’m Not Gonna Die / Disco Beat / Venegance Of Youth / Man Destroy Man (83-03-08) – Total Onslaught (83/05/28) – Victimized (83-10-01) – I’m Not Gonna Die / War Machine (83-03-15) – Why! / War Machine (85-04-27) – Adapt Or Die (85-05-03) – Radio Shima/W.W.III (84-09-15)

‘Power Age’ (from Durban, South-Africa) was a political hardcore-punk band blatantly resisting the apartheid-regime; they had an “aggressive performance-style” and their “lyrics were angry/cynical”. This is their first real demo; it contains studio- and live-tracks. The songs World War III and Vengeance Of Youth were already on their first vinyl – a 7″ released in 1983 (and the band had also appeared on the UK compilation-LP Beating The Meat in 1984). After that (’85) there was the Protest To Survive 7″ on a French label (that also featured them on a compilation EP – Single Ticket To Paradise – with ‘C.C.M.’, ‘Rattus’, etc.). But people here got to know them even better with the releases of their self-titled 7″ & The Last Dove EP (’87)…

The tape comes from my mate Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection. He tells me: “I think I read a review of ‘Power Age’s demo in MRR and wrote to their address. It took quite a while for the reply to arrive but it turned out Brett had spent some time in prison for ‘inciting to refusal of military service’. We kept in contact for years. Always had a huge respect for that band: very courageous guys that had to live under constant police-surveillance in the South-African state of those days, regularly being arrested by the state-security, etc.”.

The people playing on this tape were vocalist ‘Spike’ Lance Rattray, bassist ‘Vacant’ Paddy Beverley, drummer ‘Wildman’ Rubin Rose (ex ‘Wild Youth’; replacing Mark Pills) & guitarist Brett ‘McKaye’ Rattray.

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