President Fetch (Den) tape (1987)


A: Furred Animals / I Hate Cowboys / Three Pills / Terror & Coffee / Bestial / Ill Dog / Police Crime / Fuck KKK / Alternative Incarnation

B: Blasphemy / What’s The Matter Cowardy / Pregnant Skeleton / All Right / Warhead / Excelsior State / Amazing Grace / Melted Plastic / Bible / Rats

In 1986, I visited Anderz Nielsen in Kopenhagen. He was a friend of my mate ‘Duco’. Anderz had been the guitarist of ‘Enola Gay’ (1984) and was in ‘Misanthropic Charity’ at the time. He also did the zine Alles Krig Mod Alle (“everything war against all”) and ran a tape-/record-label (Boston Tea Party). He also set up tours (nowadays he runs Gearbox agency) and organised gigs at the squatted alternative centre Ungdomshuset. Chris ‘Ant’ Juris (vocals) started ‘President Fetch’ and soon after Anderz joined – he played bass – together with Per Eriksen (guitar) and Martin ‘Morgengrim’ Larsen (drums). In 1989 they did the album The Eternal Need Of… and in 1990 a tour which brought them over here (90-05-27 @ the Vort’n Vis). After that, they kinda disappeared from my radar; though they kept recording in the 90s. From 1995 to 2000, Anderz also played in the band ‘Heatfarm’. In 2012 ‘P.F.’ celebrated their 25th anniversary with a new album.

Five of the tracks on this tape also appeared on the compilation-LP La Nouvelle Frontière…Pas De Frontière (on the French label Panx Productions). In 1989 they released their album The Eternal Need Of…, which I reviewed in Tilt! #5: >>After the already superb demo, they have their record out. Their music’s both melodic and powerful: wandering and punching HC with a raw edge (‘Black Flag’ isn’t far away).<<

‘President Fetch’ interview (Rise Or Fall? #2)

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