Cry Of Terror (Hol) live (Hengelo, Hol, 87-11-14)

When visiting gigs in Chi Chi Club, Winterswijk, The Netherlands I met some of the people of ‘Cry Of Terror’ – probably after introduction by ‘W.C.F.’s singer Victor. I quite liked their music and corresponded with the band’s vocalist; who sent this tape as promo. Their releases (on the German label Old World recs) were always welcome for my mailorder/distribution. I also invited them for a Smurfpunx-show (88-01-30) and plugged them elsewhere… Early on (late ’87) Ronald Hogeboom (‘W.C.F.’) was the 2nd guitarist. He’s also on these recordings here. The core of the band was Hans Aalbers (vocals), Peter/Pierre ter Bogt (drums), Walter Raben (bass) & Wouter Maarse (guitar). Later (1989) Marc Baks joined on 2nd guitar. Some of theses tracks here never made it onto vinyl; the band’s first studio-recordings happened 1,5 year later…
88-11-26 ‘Cry Of Terror’ (Terneuzen, Nl)

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