Jaywalker (Swi) promo (1991)


(A): Homo Sap / Big Depression / Eat My Shit / Aural Exciter

(B): Dick Titt / Am I Really Mad / Remember Nothing (‘Joy Division’ cover) / I Wanna Be Your Dog (‘The Stooges’ cover)

Late 80s/early 90s, ‘Dee Dee’ Dietmar Gallhammer of the Swiss (Zürich) anarcho-HC/experimental band ‘Jaywalker’ contacted me trying to find gigs. We corresponded for a while and he sent me this tape. He played guitar and did vocals (previously he had been in the punk band ‘Miscast’). Sadly enough I learned that he passed away in 2012. The others in the band were Dominique Mollet (drums), Urs Schwaller (bass) & Joke Lanz (vocals/bass; only mentioned on the first tape). Their first tape Oben Und Unten  was recorded in their rehearsal-space in 1988. ‘Deedee’ released their first album (Free Energy Through Unconnected Coils Like Tesla & Reich Generators) on his label Aural Exciter recs in 1989. Their roots where those of “the DIY spirit and anarchistic ethics of punk and HC”. Besides designing, booking, distributing and organising everything themselves, flyers and all artwork were printed at Dietmar’s daytime working-place after office-hours… The same year Pablo of Resistance prods put out a live-tape (recorded in Łodz, Poland). Their second LP (I Told Them My Dreams…) was recorded in 1990 (released on Aural Exciter recs ’90). The band gave out this promo-tape with live recordings to concert-promoters.

Review in Tilt! #5: >>Pounding, furious industrial rock with HC influences. Depressive views on mankind and society. Nice proganda-like cover. A piece of art, this tape.<<


The band was formed in 1986 as a trio: ‘DeeDee’ on guitar, Dominique on drums and myself on bass and vocals. Later (87/88)  Urs Schwaller joined the band as bassplayer and I focussed on vocals. Sadly Urs died in the early 90s (consequence of a skinhead-attack in Spain). We played many shows in squats all over Europe, touring in former Yugoslavia, Benelux, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France. During my time with the band we released some tapes and had two tracks on a compilation-LP called Avalanche Swiss Underground.

I left the band in 89 shortly before the birth of my son. That’s when I started my own industrial-noise project ‘Sudden Infant’. I saw Dominique (the drummer) briefly at ‘DeeDee’s funeral in 2012. He obviously still lives in Zürich. I moved to Berlin in 1998 where I’m still living with short interruptions in London and Zürich.

Joke Lanz (suddeninfant.com)

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