Putrid Fever (Ita) anthology (1994)


Demo-tape (1984): Draw Of Fear / Motorhead / Reality / Anger / Song From War / Mix Blood / Goophy / Rats / Putrid Fever / Vietnam 1983 * Goot From The Boot compilation-LP (1984): Aikido / Never Again / Reggae People * Senza Tregua compilation-tape (1984): Aikido / Never Again * Putrid Fever 7” (1985): Life Is Pain / Period Of Slump / Showman / Can’t Hope In Dead / Rhythms Of Paranoia

[G.D.H.C. = Gran Ducato HardCore; Granducato di Toscana (Grand Duchy of Tuscany)]

I’d gotten to know this hardcore band from Florence through their 7″ on Belfagor recs (1985). Members were: Andrea ‘Vipera’ Salani (drums; also ‘I Refuse It’), Daniela Petrova (bass), Federico ‘Fefo’ Forconi (guitar/vocals; later ‘Toxic Reasons’) & Marco Cellini (vocals). They split up pretty quickly, didn’t get to hear their other tapes so I gave that 7″ a regular spin. Until 1994, when an anthology (demo * tracks from the Goot From The Boot compilation-LP * tracks from the Senza Tregua compilation-tape * 7″) was released, which a correspondent (Roberto Lentino of Provincia Attiva tape-label) put out on tape. 2 tracks are sung by Syd ‘Migx’ Piercecchi of ‘Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers’. Consider this a tribute to this band.

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