Constant Summer (Fra) demo (1991)



Emmanuel ‘Manu’ Othelet (guitar, violin), ‘Boukknio’ Richard Bouqueniaux (bass, piano, vocals), Ludo(vic) Charlier (sax, trumpet, vocals) & Franck ‘Franky Mookill’ (drums, R.I.P.) were in this band from Fourmies (North-France). They described themselves as “NoMeansNo meeting 2BAD”. Manu gave/sent me this tape to get gigs. We invited them to the Vort’n Vis in Ieper but even though the guys visited our gigs, their band never made it over… Their friend and driver Arnaud ‘Barney’ Boudart was the a tour-driver for many bands and squatted in Liège for a while, so we saw quite a bit of him over the years.

Besides this demo there was also their Involution tape (recorded Dec. ’92 in Valenciennes) that was released by a Polish label; and they had a track on the benefit compilation An Insult To Our Freedom – Smash Fascism (on the Belgian labels Gnome and Grinding Madness, ’94).

I reviewed this demo in Tilt! #7: >>Fresh poppy HC/punkrock. Occasional reggae-touch, and use of sax and piano. Songs talk about sun, girls, beer and small-talk. Silly but OK.<<


‘Constant Summer’ existed from 1991-94; we were friends from secondary school: Manu & Franck played in ‘Gore’ (thrash), Richard was in ‘Flambed Bananas’ (thrash/grind) and myself in ‘Two Sides’ (melodic HC) before. We did some mini-tours, 2 demos and appeared on compilations. We reformed (with the same line-up) in 2000 as ‘Ahellagoodbandname’ (in 2007 Manu left, he lives in the South of France now). Franck unfortunatelly died in 2017; Richard does the one-man band ‘T.a.K.O’ and myself, I play in ‘Gura’ with Leen & David [Stubbe; ex ‘Neuthrone’, etc.]!

Ludo Charlier

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