Lost Cherrees (UK) Nothing New; tape (1983)


side A side B

On this tape the anarcho-punk band (not afraid to speak out against sexism in the scene) ‘Lost Cherrees’ were Siân Jeffreys – sometimes referred to as Jeffries (vocals; later ‘Blyth Power’), Andy Rolfe (guitar), Steve Battershill (bass), ‘Nuts’ Warren Samuels (drums) & Rob (guitar/keyboards). It  features studio, live & rehearsal recordings, and was released by Dick Lucas on his tape-label Bluurg in 1983. The band (orginating from a village in the London borough of Sutton) existed a few years already by then and had gone through a few line-up changes. They also had their first 7″ (No Fighting, No War, No Trouble, No More) out on Riot/Clone. A Man’s Duty, A Woman’s Place would follow the next year…

Having split up in the late 80s, the band reformed after the turn of the century. Siân Jeffreys has written a book called Next To Ness, about ‘anarcho punks’ in the early 80s (fiction with some biographical content, set in a squat in Brixton).


I’d heard ‘Lost Cherrees’ on a compilation-tape once and thought they sounded nice. When I ordered a few EPs of the ‘Subhumans’, I also bought this from Bluurg tapes.

Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski

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