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Tempo Zero (Ita) Barattoli Vuoti; demo (1992)


(A) L’Altro Gregge (The Other Herd) / Non Rinunciare Mai (Never Give Up) / L’Istinto Di Sapere (The Instinct To Know)

(B) Uniforme (Uniform) / Passaggio Obbligato (Mandatory Passage)

A band from Aosta (city of ‘Kina’ and their label Blu Bus) with Romeo Sandri (guitar/vocals), Leo Salvatore (bass/vocals) and Gio(rgio) (drums/vocals). Later Michele Berselli joined on second guitar. They played uptempo melodic hardcore. This was there first demo. (Barattoli Vuoti means Empty Jars.)

My review in Tilt! #7: >>Nice uptempo melodic HCpunk with beautiful intros and angry outbursts. Cool chorusses. Lyrics in Italian. Very good!<<

Above are the lyrics and an additional text about our social situation and personal stuff. Absolutely not fascist, we were always against that kind of people and ideas.

We started in 1991. This first official first demo-tape was (totally DIY) self-recorded in our rehearsal-room.  We also got in touch with ‘Kina’ who asked help to run their label. After a first period influenced by melodic HC, our music changed to a more rhythmic post-core style inspired by the Dischord/DC sound (Tempo Zero self-titled CD). The band toured a lot (mainly Italy, Germany, France). We befriended quite some bands, which led to various collaborations and shared adventures (just to name a few: ‘Shock Treatment’, ‘Eversor’/’The Miles Apart’, ‘Nuvolablu’, ‘Alcatraz’). In 1997 we started our own label (and fanzine) called Enphasys that released our later works. We ended our ‘journey’ in 2002 (after a demo, 2 albums, 2 7″ EPs & 3 split-7″s)…

Romeo Sandri

Não Conformismo (Bra) Famintos Por Liberdade; tape ‎(1994)



Descamisados (Shirtless) / Cotidiano (Daily) / Religião Alienação S.A. (Religion Alienation) / Não Se Entregue (Do Not Deliver) / Pare, Pense E Mova-se (Stop, Think And Move On) / Maus Tempos (Bad Times) / Filler (‘Minor Threat’ cover) / Em Extinção? (On Extinction?) / Soldado Raso (Plain Soldier)

‘Não Conformismo’ (Non-conformity) was a Brazilian hardcore band from Macaé (state of Rio de Janeiro) with (Carlos) Fred(erico Bastos) (vocals), Marlon Pacheco (guitar), Felipe Passos (bass), Evandro Castro (drums; went on to play for ‘Anti-Parasitas’ and was replaced by Sidarta) & Alex Costa (guitar). They existed from 1993 to 2015. I described their music (Tilt! #8) as uptempo 80s-style hardcore-punk. The later stuff was more “midpaced hardcore with a metal touch”. There was a vinyl version (7″) released of this tape (the title can be translated as Hungry For Freedom) minus 2 tracks in 2009. Nowadays Fred runs the label/distro Atitude Consciente recs.


The band formed in 1993 and after the recordings of this tape we broke up. Around 2008 an obscure label called Old School, Nice Lessons re-issued the original without the ‘Minor Threat’ cover and the last song. After that, the band returned with Sidarta on drums and we released a full-length (entitled Basta!) in 2011 and a 7″ Autoflagelo Da Humanidade (Self-Hating Mankind) in 2014. In 2015 the band quit. The lyrics talked about the usual third-world political problems, anti-militarism, religion and day-by-day issues.

I’m indeed still active with my label and distro but not in a band anymore. The other guys are still playing but not in hardcore bands, more like metal/grind stuff. Evandro, our original drummer, is in an old-school band called ‘Anti-Parasitas’ (strongly influenced by ‘Riistetyt’, ‘Terveet Kädet’, ‘Rövsvett’ and Scandinavian bands).


Identity (Swe) promo (1990)


Tracks: #1-#5 & #6

David Andersson (vocals), ‘Pata’ Patric Lind (bass), ‘Jögga’ Jörgen Sjöström (guitar), ‘Sveden’ Peter Swedenhammar (guitar; also drums for ‘Raped Teenagers‘) and ‘Löken’ Mike/Mikael Karlsson (drums; also guitar for ‘16 B.U.H.‘ & bass for ‘Rövsvett’) played for this melodic HC band (from the Linköping area).

This promo-tape (entitled Sure Thing Dude) was sent to me because the guys wanted to tour. Can’t remember why they didn’t end up here… Perhaps we (Smurfpunx) didn’t have acces to a venue to do shows in July? (They did record tracks for a 7″ on B-Core Disc in Barcelona.) Some of the songs were already on their demo and some were gonna be on the 7″ that ‘Active Minds’ brothers Bobs & Set were gonna release on their label Loony Tunes recs.


David our singer David did that tape with Peter; the 2 first songs are from our 1st 7”, 3-4 are from compilation-LP Really Fast vol 5 [on the Swedish label Really Fast recs; 1990]. We recorded before the Spain tour (the 2 last were done on a portable system – maybe we have more songs from that session; nice to hear anyway) but we did a new recording in Barcelona that we used for our 2nd 7”.


My review in Tilt! #6 goes as follows : >>This sounds like a fresh breeze on a hot summer day. The melodies are able to raise the enthousiasm of even the most depressive person, I think. They have the power to make you dance and sing along even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t know why but they make me think of ‘Verbal Assault’ by times. Fucking brilliant stuff. Personal lyrics.<<


Rubbish Heap (Bel) demo (1995)



‘Rubbish Heap’, a HC/crossover (“negative metal/crust influenced hardcore“) band from Ekeren (Antwerp), started out with Kim Vandyck (vocals; later guitarist of ‘King Terror’), Dave Vanderplas (drums), Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Royers (guitar) & Tijs Geerts (bass). After this rehearsal-tape they did another demo when their second guitarist – named ‘Peche’ – had joined (Slow Defeat; the songs also appeared on the split-tape with the Greek band ‘Hibernation’). Their friend Joris De Buysser (Conspiracy recs) released their Path Of Lies 7” (“mix of ‘Rorschach’ & ‘Downcast’…”) which was recorded August ’96 (and their other stuff later).

Vinnie & Dave also did the Dying World newsletter and helped setting up concerts @ SORM (youthcentre in Deurne, Antwerp). They helped out Joris De Buysser (Conspiracy recs) with the label, distribution and touring; later Tijs joined ‘Bad Influence’ to play bass.

Interview with ‘Rubbish Heap’ (Ultra Eczema #1)